Kickin & Streamin Podcast

Kickin & Streamin Podcast

A Binge-watcher's Guide to Streaming Movies, TV Series, & Stuff. Graham & Jocelyn are two friends who've let go of Cable and Satellite to enjoy a life of watching great content on streaming platforms such a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Youtube, HBO MAX, Disney+, Apple TV+, Britbox and others. They have created this podcast to tell listeners about their favorite movies, TV series, documentaries, game shows, across every streaming platforms. Thanks for listening and happy streaming!


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Netflix Original Movie Netflix

The Woman In The Window: Sorry, What The Hell Was That All About?

May 25, 2021

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About the Hosts

Graham Pierre-Louis

Host, Producer, Editor

A Haitian-born content creator, podcast producer, editor, and host. At an early age growing up in Haiti, Graham developed an interest in radio and aspired to become a radio journalist. At 12 years old, Graham moved to the Dominican Republic to live with his half sister Chantal, yet the dream to be behind a microphone continued for Graham. He enrolled in the School of Dramatic Arts in Santo Domingo while attending High School, and soon began to serve as a Master of Ceremony for almost all events at his school.
After Graduating High School and spending a few years in the Catholic seminary, Graham's dreams of pursuing a career in radio started to look unattainable, yet he thrived in public speaking and continued to use his voice as an instrument.
In 1995 Graham began working as a sports and entertainment associate in the touristic resorts in the Dominican Republic. It was there where Graham soon found himself using his microphone techniques and his public speaking skills as a nightly show presenter in 5 different languages on stage. Graham also ventured in voiceover recording for the resort's public area announcements. In 2004 Graham immigrated to the United States where with his wife and son. In 2012 Graham started a Spanish-speaking Internet radio station called Rumba Latina Radio. This was Graham's first venture into radio in the digital era, and although the internet radio project eventually failed due to a lack of market, Graham gained enough experience and enough equipment to start podcasting.
On February 5, 2019 Graham launched Kickin & Streamin Podcast with his friend an co-host Jocelyn D. Since then, they have published more than 112 episodes together, all of which have been recorded at Graham's home studio. Graham has also mastered the art of editing both sound and video, although he is more passionate about audio editing, Graham also hosts another podcast of his own called Beyond Sa'k Pase, an interview/narrative style podcast focused on celebrating Haitians-Americans whose works and achievements are a positive impact in the history of the Haitian immigrant community around the world. Graham also serves as a volunteer host and podcast producer for the Haitian-American non-profit organization Haitian Heritage and Friend of Haiti (HHFoH), where he produces and hosts the podcast 'Chita Tande with HHFoH'

Jocelyn D