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Do you ever find yourself watching some random TV show or movie, and you ask
why I haven’t watched this gem before? This happens nowadays more than ever,
as a direct result of the many different media available and pumping new
contents every day. For instance, even though I’d been aware of the existence of
Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ I only found out about its awesomeness
thanks to a Clubhouse talk I participated in last year (2021) where a speaker was
going on and on about “Curb.” The same thing happened to me when I discovered
the sitcom “Community.” I remember asking myself how in the world this show
never peaked my interest.
The fact is, there are more contents coming out today and we can’t really keep up
with them, let alone catching up with old series and movies we skipped on their
heydays. However, sometimes going back to watch some of those films or TV
series we should’ve watched a long time ago is worth all of it. This is one of the
main purpose of our podcast Kickin & Streamin where we curate and review
contents streaming on every major streaming platforms and archive them as
podcast episodes you can listen to, and decide whether to give a new, or an old
TV show or movie a shot. From time to time, we also like to round up those
contents in YouTube video package exclusively for you. This week, we bring you a
list of 10 Most Underrated Comedy Movies & Sitcoms you may have totally
missed, and they are as follows:

Party Down 2009-2010 (streaming on hulu)

Produced by Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars and iZombie fame, party down is a fantastic comic ensemble including lizzie kaplan and adam scott only 20 episodes it follows a group of actors who move to los angeles to make it big but end up working as caterers an episodic format follows the actors slash servers to different fancy events each week which turns out to be a perfect sitcom scheme as it pits our heroes against a wide range of hollywood phonies oh and there are some hilarious cameos in this one

catastrophe 2015 to 2019 streaming on amazon prime video an american ad man and an irish school schoolteacher have a fling and that leads to an unplanned pregnancy this british sitcom is obviously funny or it wouldn't be on the list but it's also frank about sex child rearing and relationships totally unafraid to push its central couple to their breaking point but what really makes it so involving is that the lead characters are beautifully written and masterfully played by sharon horgan and rob delaney this is a hilarious gem of the show with a heart better off ted 2009 streaming on hulu this one was cancelled too soon overlooked during its two abbreviated seasons on abc this cheeky corporate satire follows the everyday adventures of an upbeat executive who always strives to put a positive spin on his company's many bizarre world domination schemes the show illustrates how office politics and big business control the way we behave and it gently spoofs how we talk about everything from race to romance in the 2000s each better off ted episode functions as a sparkling and highly rewatchable farce

little monsters 2019 hulu meet dave foul-mouthed and down on his luck rock musician living with his sister and nephew after a rough breakup attempting to get on the good side of his nephew's hot kindergarten teacher dave agrees to come along and chaperone the class field trip to a petting zoo unfortunately for them the petting zoo is right next to a u.s army base that happens to be experiencing a zombie outbreak as the class finds itself cornered by the undead horde dave will have to help make sure everyone gets out alive this one has been described as having cuteness overload which is a great setup for this comedy horror oddity starring lupita noingo alexander england and josh gad

space force 2020 to 2022 streaming on netflix steve carell brings his particular brand of comedy to the table and this netflix original dramedy is one of the best examples here he plays general mark nard and the show follows the workplace misadventures of the united states space force the sixth branch of the united states armed forces the series is full of thinly veiled satire a ton of ridiculous situations and lots of plain old fun we actually dedicated an episode of our podcast to this one so please visit our website kicking in streamingpodcast.com to learn more the kaminsky method 2018 to 2021 streaming on netflix most people who have watched chuck laurie's shows tend to expect a certain kind of story from the producer however the kaminsky method breaks all those expectations into tiny pieces and then proceeds to stomp all over them it's a genuinely beautiful show with the perfect balance of tragic circumstances and biting humor sandy kaminsky played by michael douglas is an aging actor who once had a very promising career that never came to fruition but as is said those who can't do teach so sandy is the best acting coach in the business the show follows his various misadventures as he deals with life love and death honestly the best part of the series is the chemistry between sandy and his best friend slash agent norman newlander who is played by none other than alan arkin the other main characters are also lovely this is also one we dedicated a podcast to

imposters 2017 to 2018 streaming on netflix this black comedy series follows con artist maddie who of course is as beautiful as she is dangerous over the years she has left a trail of victims who become tormented upon realizing that they have been used and robbed of everything including their hearts complicating maddie's work are three former targets ezra richard and jules who realize they have been scammed by the same woman and team up to track her down and of course we get some personal growth along the way consider this a wacky gender swap retelling of the tinder swindler except it's all made up and nobody actually gets hurt future man 2017-2020 streaming on hulu this show somehow made time travel sci-fi and geek culture funny and all without pandering janitor josh is leading an aimless life but excelling at his favorite video game when main characters tiger and wolf suddenly appear and tell him that the video game was all a test and they have been sent back in time to try and locate the one person capable of saving the world can the hardened future warriors shape the shiftless josh into the hero the future needs or will the banality of his life dragged them all into mediocrity

always be my maybe 2019 an innocent fun movie always be my maybe is a lovely thing to turn your brain off to sasha and marcus are high school best friends who dated briefly and then went their separate ways 16 years later they meet again sasha is a famous chef and marcus is still living with his dad but what really makes this movie is the writing from allie wong and randall park who also play the tube leads the dialogue is sharp it's believable and smart the characters are fresh the jokes are fresh everything is just fresh there's also a mind-blowing cameo from the keanu reeves that is fabulous and totally unexpected

brockmire 2017-2020 now streaming on hulu hank azaria and amanda pete co-star in brockmire a half-hour comedy series that began years ago as a viral short video on the funny or die website remember those guys the series centers on the fall of jim brockmire a once famed major league baseball announcer who suffers an embarrassing on-air meltdown which leads to a decade away from the booth older and possibly wiser brockmire attempts to reclaim his career and his life by returning behind the mic but the setting a broken rural town home of the very minor league frackers is not quite what he had hoped hilarity ensues with the local townsfolk there's four seasons of this one so you've got a bit to sink your teeth into the boondocks 2005-2014 now streaming on hbo max jesus was black ronald reagan was the devil and the government is lying about 9 11. if these opening lines pique your interest then we have the show for you beginning life as a cartoon strip the boondocks follows cantankerous robert grandad riemann the legal guardian of his grandsons ten-year-old revolutionary huey and eight-year-old riley a product of contemporary rap culture after moving the family from chicago's south side to the safety of the suburban woodcrest aka the boondocks granddad hopes to ignore the grandkids and just enjoy his golden years in peace but the kids have different plans torturing each other and provoking others in the neighborhood achieving fantastic critical acclaim winning a prestigious peabody award critics describe it as a sharp satirical look at american society we call it great tv

alright everyone that is our top 10 list for the funniest things currently available streaming do we miss any of yours don't see one of your favorites go ahead and share it in the comments section below don't forget to like and subscribe and ring that bell