Welcome to our new website!
Kickin & Streamin' Podcast Website Got A Facelift!!!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that as of May 16, 2021, our website www.kickinandstreaminpodcast has a brand new face and it looks absolutely amazing! When we started our podcasting journey, we rushed into building a website to home the podcast, and in that rush, we settled for the best we could find at the time. Unfortunately, we ended with a webpage that wasn't optimized for podcasting; which forced us to be creative but not necessarily effective in the delivery of our content. This past week, our hosting was up for renewal and having done the proper research this time, we made the switch to a webhost called Podpage; which creates website templates specifically crafted for podcast. We are excited with the new look and all the capabilities we've gained in order to give you a better experience when you visit our website. 

Here are some of the new features of our new look: 

  • Featured Episodes At Top of Homepage: Three of our most popular episodes featured at the top of the homepage for new visitors to get a feel of how we review the movies and series we discuss on a weekly basis. 
  • Newest Episodes Available On Homepage: Our six newest episode are shown on the homepage with their publishing dates, their respective cover art, and a brief summary of what the episode is about.
  • Subscribe Buttons: Kickin & Streamin Podcast is distributed on more than 18 different apps and platforms, and now you'll find a your favorite podcast app's icon to subscribe and listen whenever new episode become available. 
  • Mailing List Subscribe Icon: More than podcasting and TV reviews, we want you to be part of a community of binge-watchers. We wanna share TV news, blogposts, and any relevant information about upcoming contents on the various streaming platforms we follow. When you subscribe to our monthly mailing list, we'll be sure to keep you abreast on all the new stuff you should put on your watch list.
  • Latest Posts on Facebook and Twitter: Windows to our Facebook page and Twitter feed, but don't forget that you can follow us on whichever is your favorite social media platform and the icons are found at the very top of the website. 
  • Episode Page: This is one feature we're very EXCITED about. The first tab you'll find on the top of our new website is the 'Episodes;' which means that every single episode we've ever published, now has its own page and it's shareable on a plethora of social networking platforms. 
  • Reviews Page: All of our Apple Podcasts reviews are featured on our Reviews page, and if you wanted to give us a review and tell everyone how much you like this podcast, our website will pull it up as soon as two hours after posting and it will become our newest featured review. 
  • Contact Us Page: No explanation is needed there. If you wanna drop us a few lines of suggestion, or even if you want to say Hi, that's your page right there. 
  • Donate Page: We share our content with you and we're absolutely grateful for your listenership; having said that, there is a cost to podcasting and while we do all we can to be able to afford this hobby, we would certainly appreciate your support if you'd like to help. That's why we've created a Patreon page with very affordable tiers of $1, $3, and $5 monthly donations. There's so much more content we can produce and share with our kickin & streamin community with your support. 
  • Voicemail Capability: The ability to hear from you, not only by email, or social media, but also now with the added bonus of a voicemail is one of the features we're most proud of with this new spanking website. Nothing would make us happier than to hear directly from our listeners with a voicemail, and if you tell us that it's okay to do, we'll gladly feature your message on our next episode. To send us a voicemail, all you need to do is find the 'Microphone' icon at the bottom right of the website, press it, speak and voila! 

Kickin & Streamin podcast is livestreamed on our YouTube channel and on Twitch every Saturday at 1pm available to watch. please don't forget to subscribe for future episodes. Follow us on social media on FaceboookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Hope you'll take a moment to visit our new webpage, and tell us what you think.