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March 02, 2020
Ep. 53 Hunters On Amazon Prime: When Nazi Hunting Is Fun!

On this episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn discuss Amazon Prime original series Hunters, starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvaney, Louis Ozaw...

On this episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn discuss Amazon Prime original series Hunters, starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvaney, Louis Ozawa and a magnificent cast of character actors. Graham & Jocelyn began by pointing out the main reason they were drawn to the series is because it is executive produced by Jordan Peele, it stars Al Pacino, and the plot consists of holocaust survivors hunting former Nazi officers living in the U.S. under newly assumed identities. Graham & Jocelyn discuss the storytelling style of the series, and the impact it may have on viewers given the fact it's based on late 1970's, some 35 years after World War II. Graham & Jocelyn discuss the cast and analyze each character in depth starting with Al Pacino's perfect dominion of Yiddish dialect and very credible accent of a Jewish immigrant. Jocelyn marveled at the depth in the character of FBI Agent Millie Morris played by Grey's Anatomy alum Jerrika Hinton. Graham & Jocelyn praise the pairing of Carol Kane and Saul Rubinek as Mindy & Murray Markowitz. They also laughed at Josh Radnor's character and how he will forever be known as Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother). The two co-host also praised the performance by Dylan Baker, Greg Austin, Tiffany Boone, and Jonno Davies. They also got a good laugh at some of the nicknames heard in the show.  Listen to the full episode at your leisure and tell us what you think. If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. 

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Intro:   1:45
This is kicking and streaming podcast of Binge Watcher's Guide to Streaming Movies. TV series on stuff. Here are your hosts, Graham and Jocelyn.  

Graham :   2:01
Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of Kickin' & Streamin', here with you and off course in studio with me, very happy to have my favorite co-host, the Jojo

Jocelyn:   2:14
 How did he do?  

Graham :   2:15
Hello The Jojo!

Jocelyn:   2:16
Hello, the Graham!  

Graham :   2:17
All right, so let's kind of explain to people what just happened here is that we decided to watch the series that we're going to talk about today. We decided to watch it to finish watching it because somehow it turns out that the two of us did not make it to the end of the week having watched it.

Jocelyn:   2:39
No, we ended on pretty much the same episode, so, we, so we haven't done this before. We got to watch it together,which is very cool.   

Graham :   2:49
The fact of, the truth is, I'm shook. I, um uh,

Jocelyn:   2:56
yeah. Uh, yeah. So Okay, we're gonna

Graham :   2:59
tragic go through these A lot of things happening in my head. And I'm sure Yes, yes. All right. So let's just tell people what Sears we're talking about.

Jocelyn:   3:11
Yes, We're talking about Hunter's Ana Amazon prime? Yes.

Graham :   3:17
And, you know, the one thing I can tell you about hunters is that this was one of the ship's the last time I remember. I mustn't prime pushing a show as much as these. Was this your carnival Roe? Yes, you know, and it turns out to be much ado about nothing. Really? I don't know that you can see carnival role was successful.

Jocelyn:   3:39
I don't think so. I I I don't know, but unfortunately I feel like a lot of him is on prime shows are a successful as they should be. So I can't really speak to Carnival Row having not watched it. But but yeah, the

Graham :   3:53
Yeah, I think what we've talked about this before That you know, Amazon Prime? I don't know. People haven't wised up to t o understanding howto watch content on them. Yeah,

Jocelyn:   4:07
and the content is so good to and so so delightfully I don't know Massa, Terek eccentric all those e words, you know, that kind of thing that, um, you know, maybe not cater to the means dream always.

Graham :   4:23
And that's the thing. It's so crazy how people seem to gravitate only to what is Well, no.

Jocelyn:   4:31
Yes, never butting. Everybody knows Netflix and everybody talks about Netflix and you know, Netflix has some good content, but they also have some really shitty content. Right?

Graham :   4:41
And you have to see through the pile of shite before you get to something that is actually good, whereas wasn't prime is very much more selective. And when knew that this one was going to be good for some reason, even when we don't do didn't know much of what there is for me, there were two reasons. I thought these deserve to be watched. Um, one was the fact that it's executive produced by Jordan Peele. Yes, in the seven off course. Is that the great Al Pacino? Yes, but she doesn't do TV much, you know?

Jocelyn:   5:17
No, he doesn't know. That's what caught my eye too. Was I caught? Ah, Trailer. I think on Instagram in the, um the logo for it caught my eyes because it's kind of an interesting logo for the show. And I saw the name Jordan Peele when I was like, Hold up. Wait a minute. I need to watch this. Start that over again. And then when I saw Pacino, I was like, Oh, this is gonna be good. And then when I saw the premise, which is Nazi hunters, I was like, Yeah, this is a cause I could get behind.

Graham :   5:48
So let's go ahead and decipher the show for our audience. And here's the thing. Nothing we are going to talk about here is exaggerated. Were no overhyping the show, Adam. This show is everything you could ever imagine that it should be. And I think everybody should give it. Give it a watch.

Jocelyn:   6:12
Yes, yes, and I agree. Especially, um, with everything that's going on in the world today.

Graham :   6:18
Yes, it fits perfectly with, you know, things that are going around, What's what's happening in our world, especially with the rise off me or fascism. And, uh, you know what? Sports premises in the whole nine yard. It's amazing that we have to be reminded of all the horrors that NASA's causes around the world and especially to 11 in people in the 21st century. We have to be trying to tell to convince people, actually, that there's nothing. There's nothing good about these motherfuckers,

Jocelyn:   7:02
right? Right? Exactly. I I Yeah, Thio quote Great Indiana Jones Nazis. I hate these guys. Anybody? That is like, Oh, you know, Nazis there. Okay, I'm sorry, but what? What what planet did you have? You ever actually read anything at all? And the people who deny the Holocaust just need to be taken out and smacked.

Graham :   7:23
Yeah, well smacked out oflife. Yeah, well, yes. Using thing. I know that there are those who whose existence is to just rewrite history, redesign history, because, you know, the same thing has happened here in the United States, for instance, with the history of slavery with the Jim Crow and then the whole thing. In fact, you know, the idea that the Confederacy was a good thing and flying a confident confederation flag was, um is symbol off pride? Um, that heritage you paid off heritage in shit. That is something off the early 19 at least started right around 1910. Right in the south. There was a time where the south of the United States actually understood that you know, the whole secession in civil war waas Because for shame, yes, you know what I mean.

Jocelyn:   8:35
Yes, the people who were involved in it, the people who saw the horrors that happened, remembered and they understood. And then when those people started dying out, then the next generation came along by fungicides. Yes. Romanticize. Glorify. Yeah. So and

Graham :   8:51
so the same thing has happened around the world with not a word. Nance's, um in fact, I am fucking shocked. A Poland, all the Eastern European countries that fucking plowed, you know, thanks to you two to Nazism, right? And today they have factions off Nancy's, including Germany and shit. You know Austria And I'm like, What the fuck right And so history here is is well reminded with this series. Yes. So before we go any further, I will let ladies and German the great George I'll give you a synopsis of the show because I know that if I go into it, I'm gonna blow it up for you. You will be spoilers and spoil it. So just tell our listeners what the show is

Jocelyn:   9:49
about. This show is about Al Pacino as a character who is assembled, a group of very interesting, ragtag people with certain sets of life skills, certain sets of skills. And they have made it their mission to go after Nazis who were brought to the United States in many cases by the United States government and given a new identity, Um, they've made it their mission to find them, expose them for what they are and kill them. And it takes place in the seventies, which I think is a really a really smart way of, of bringing this sort of into the the past that we can sort of grasp. I feel if they had left it closer to the forties, it would have been more of ah, period piece. But with the seventies. Even though you know it's still the past and it's still a while ago, it's It's still something. I think you know that we would find more related or what? Yes, yeah, So it's It's Holocaust survivors. Some of them are in this group are Holocaust survivors. Um, you know, the great Carol Kane plays a Holocaust survivor and they our detectives, essentially And, uh, it becomes more violent and and more shocking as as the series goes on. And as you learn more about what What actually, uh, happened Because one of the very interesting things to me about the Siri's is that it's based, of course, on I should say, inspired by some riel people, Yes, but and by real pizza people, I mean the Nazi hunters. But from everything I read, the actual Nazis in this are based on actual Nazis. So anything that they tell you in this series that a Nazi did that actually happened in history, that actually happened,

Graham :   12:01
right? So one of the most interesting things to me is that also you can see because this whole thing takes place in the seventies. The survivors are pretty much in the in the middle of their lives. So, you know, it's as recent as 30 years ago. For them? Yes. So, again, as you say, it isn't. It doesn't seem so distant. Yes, because we know now in our lifetime, some of this very few of them are alive. Some of them are, like, you know, in the league eighties, early nineties. And some of them are even as old as, ah, 100 something, you know. So these freaks perfect in the timeline and, uh, as you said defined that all of these reasoning that took place within the United States government two sort off utilize sort of repurpose those Nazi scientists and doctors and stuff Just because we were in a pissing contest with the Soviets is an amazing thing, right? And the truth is, I hate conspiracy theories. I'm not your conspiracy theories are all ball. It gives you pause because, yes, I knew. I've always known that South America became a breeding ground of haven four for Nazis. Yes. You know a zoo. Much of fact, the I want to say maybe 90% off anyone in South America. Mostly Brazil, Argentina, even, you know, Peru, Colombia most people who have a German last name. Most people who have a German last name are least great grandchildren off some nasty motherfucker. Yes, I I'm sorry to say that she, you know, for the few last name is no money, no one. You know, if you last name is is Bhushan like Giselle and she fucking your great grandfather was that? See, You know, if you come from South America So there's that. Yeah, you know. And so this story tells us a lot more of that. We don't know. In the history books aren't gonna tells how much intellectual liberties were taken in there. Well, yes, of course, that you know there's that, but we can know dismiss the basis the concept of the story in that the United States knowingly repurposed Lord off people who committed atrocities but had very high skilled. And we've always been crazy about high skill. Different crest, You know, they had a hi skills in the United States. Needn't scientists needed these people, you know, Thio win Whatever pissing contest. They had three friends. Exactly.

Jocelyn:   15:39
I had no idea that the the Alabama thing I didn't know about that right? I did not know. And, you know, I consider myself slightly more educated on the Holocaust than, um, I would say, the average American, but I had no idea about about Alabama. Yeah, which this is probably explains a lot about Alabama. Yeah. There's a big Nazi colony in Alabama.

Graham :   16:12
You don't know a time. Racism was a new concept for for those people? No. Yeah. So we're live anyway. You know, the Nazis, they're like, Oh, cool.

Jocelyn:   16:26
We got somebody new to hate.

Graham :   16:27
Exactly. Exactly. You know. So this is what this thesis years is about. But another reason you should watch this show is because of the cast. Yes. Is because we often talk about how perfectly cast shows that we decided to talk about our in, To be honest with you, the biggest surprise for me here. Waas, Al Pacino, You know, going into this. Yeah, but because we know that Pacino e machine. Yeah, there for him to have gotten involved in these, you can tell that it was something that he's so something in. Yeah, and off course, it didn't disappoint. So after watching the first episode of the show, I posted on on Twitter that you know from megalomania it that Italian American mobster to a cocaine crazed, a Cuban American to a Nazi hunter. This guy delivers in everything he does. Al Pacino? Yes, in I don't know. It's It's an unbelievable thing to me because you know how fascinated I am with accents, of course. And every accident there is perfect. No, but the majority of those people doing the accent, they're actually off off Jewish descent. So they understand the accent of their own community, you know, And let's give credit, of course, to do the dialect coaches that do a perfect job. Really? Both also. I mean, if you ask me to do a Haitian speaking English, I don't need a dialect coach for that. I can do that, you know, like really. But But if you ask me to do me Graham the Haitian guy to do it, eh? I don't know a Polish accent. Then maybe I will. I will need a coach or even some some some American accent. I might need another coach for that. And so for me, but she know nailed. He's a Jewish accent, but the Jewish German accent, even though between them, between human Ruth. In their youth, they communicated Muslim polish Bo, you know, in the English language, the accent that sort of, like, come out was was the German accent along would obviously the heavy of the Hebrew. Yes, and that was fascinated. That was fascinated. Off course, the history earnings off machine. Oh, you can You can never You don't have a question that because, you know, Conversely, though, I think I've seen Percy noted more liberties that playing certain out off, you know, out of the left corner characters, then in comparison to the new Yeah, all right. Yeah. You're almost dinner, dinner, even. Do Comet those comedy and all kind of stuff. Yeah, but, you know, But, you know, there's some crazy shit and, you know, and this one for me Waas perfect. So tell me what you think.

Jocelyn:   20:09
Yeah. No, I think that he was, uh he's really, really good in this. You know, I'm not, uh, an expert on accents or anything like that, but, uh, he seems like an old Jewish man to me. Oh, and ah, you know, I I enjoyed his performance very much, and I enjoyed his, uh, his chemistry with the rest of the cast because I think that he was a big portion of because the character he plays, you know, brings together a sort of family makes a sort of a family. But I think that his his acting prowess was a big part of that, too. With that, you know that it wasn't just the character that he was playing, but but he himself was able to bring together a

Graham :   20:59
lot of these actors that you said, like, we know actors. But we can definitely tell that the presence of somebody like Pacino would certainly make the one if I if I had to be, you know, on a scene with machine. Oh, I would definitely do my freaking

Jocelyn:   21:16
best. Yes, Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was an actor to be doing my best, And I'd be pissing my pants, so, you know,

Graham :   21:25
let's talk about some of these people. So we got these young King Logan Lierman? Yes. Don't know much about.

Jocelyn:   21:33
I don't know much about him either. I don't think I've seen him in anything he plays. Um, Jonah Georgia Hydro Bone, who is a, um, very important part of the Siri's. I mean, I guess you could argue the Siri's is about him. It's a partially about his story and his his story arc. But I'm not really familiar with this actor, but he is. He is very good. He's been in the perks of being a wallflower. He's been in Percy Jackson button, and I'm not really anything that I've I've seen, but, uh, e think he is Jewish. So, um, you know, I should have brought some some personal feelings to the story.

Graham :   22:18
I'm sure it did. You know his interpretation Off off him Jewish grandson? Yeah, who, you know, knows the history, all the, you know, little fun because we know that one of this one of the specialty, one of the specialties off all the immigrants, is that they don't like to talk a little about the past. And so the newer generations off immigrants, we, you know, they will know beats and pieces. But no, no, no. Look, I know sometimes that even the truth. Yeah, so? So that was captured very well on this kid. Yeah, we have Jerica Hinton as FBI Agent Millie Moore's. She was great. She was fantastic. It

Jocelyn:   23:15
was great. I loved her. I loved her sincerity in every scene. Um, I believed her when she was on screen, and, uh, she really kind of did to me. I feel that she captured the being a female black gay character in the seventies in the FBI. I would think that e I feel that she captured that so well because she you could feel the tightrope. She was walking. Yes, you could feel it, and and you could feel how conflicted she was with things she wanted to say and things she did say things and and I just It's a very subtle performance, but I I feel that she for me anyway, I really felt that tight rope.

Graham :   24:09
And even in her personal life, you could you understood the struggle. Yes, you could be on her side. And it's very easy nowadays to feel a certain type of way about her the way she approached a personal life because, you know, it's 2020 in, you know, same sex marriage is legal would and game rides. People will be more conscious about gay rights. Now today, you know, before we are all more you know, LGBT friendly. Most of us. And so when, Unless you really remember what era? Yeah, this whole thing is taking place. You would feel a certain way like home whiner since seeing, except when she's in problem, blah. But until you're like, Wait, that's 1977 so far. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah. So, Jake, a intern, is from the school off Grey's Anatomy. I think she had a recurring character for at least two seasons on Grey's Anatomy and eventually became a permanent fixture in the show. So is she was among the school off great actors, you know, from the school off Shauna rhyme people. So her chops a Z axis are absolutely fantastic. So but, you know, she was sort off like a piece in these puzzle that never quite you couldn't see where she fit, But she kind of fit everywhere. Yeah, you know, wherever she was placed, it was a direct time. And at the right moment, if I'm even making sense, but

Jocelyn:   26:06
yeah, no, the When she appears in the story, you know, she she plays an FBI agent. But it's not just a FBI agent in the sense of Oh, let's start an FBI agent in the stories because we gotta have the government involved somehow to make this seem legit. She she is part of the story. She she advances the plot? Yes. She's not just there because she's FBI

Graham :   26:29
is an important person in there. Yes. Now let's talk about Lena. Poland as the colonel she is. What is Swedish? Swedish? Yes, Plays ahead of her character. Pleased, eh? Shit out of the character. Scariest fuck! Yes, yes,

Jocelyn:   26:47
very much so. You don't know very much. So you

Graham :   26:50
know, it was very few scenes, really? But every time she was on screen, you were scared for your life.

Jocelyn:   26:59
Yeah. Now if I saw her coming towards me down a dark alley and run,

Graham :   27:06
So kudos. There we have the masterful pairing off Soul rabbinic in count came. Yes. And what a lovely little couple they make. Yes. What a lovely couple.

Jocelyn:   27:24
Yes, they're perfect.

Graham :   27:25
A what? A perfectly Jewish political. Yes, Yes. Carol Kane masterfully interprets the Jewish polish accent, you know, and and of course, her looks are actually, she looks like rattle rather of the move between, you know, Russia and Poland. And but her expressions, her mannerisms, everything she did there was had a purpose Yes, everything, she said. Every line she delivered, how the purpose and I You know, when she was sad, I wanted to cry. Yes, When she smiled, I felt like something was released from from like my chest, you know? And so on Robin eight again we're talking about. Here's what I can tell you, and this is not from out off expertise is just my opinion. I feel like actors who share the times between the stage in films, they have a special touch. Viruses people exclusively and mostly are, you know, in front of cameras that acting skill that acting, I don't know, touched the little, um, detailed movements and new ones off characters. I feel like stage actors are able to. Neil does more than anybody else better than anybody.

Jocelyn:   29:18
I wonder if that has something to do with being in front of a live audience and the human element of of playing a character in front of of humans and being able to find the truth. If you're a good actor being able to find the truths of the way you know, if you're bad in front of people, you're gonna feel it right.

Graham :   29:40
There's no cut, you know. Right. Let's do it again. Right. It's just like if you're bad, you're bad. Yeah. I had a terrible

Jocelyn:   29:48
night. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can feel that. And I and I think that, you know, maybe there's a little too much kiss s in in terms of camera and yes, men. And no, that was wonderful and marvelous and great with Maybe it really wasn't depending. So I'm with you. I think you

Graham :   30:07
nailed it. That's exactly what it is that I hope you know, Because you're right. When when things don't go well on stage, man, the audience is there to tell you they're not feeling

Jocelyn:   30:21
it. Yeah, yeah, I think you can feel it too, You know, as an actor that you can you can feel that feedback and go. Yeah, that that that that sucked.

Graham :   30:32
Now he is silly Addition to this castle Also, really, really laughable. Really funny. Like no. In a bad way. It was Josh Radnor.

Jocelyn:   30:45
Yes. Who? I will forever think of his Ted Most busted. Mostly of course. Right. You know, he shows up in his sideburns and his leisure suit in this, and I'm like, Oh, what a most B thing to

Graham :   30:54
Dio things. He was as annoying as does a Steadman. Yeah,

Jocelyn:   31:01
he really waas. But it worked. Yes, he was more of an R Rated Ted's 10 minutes.

Graham :   31:08
Yes. Yes. And deliver some one liners that you'll be like, Oh, my God. Oh, like, like was quick witted, Well delivered. And you'd be like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see what you're saying,

Jocelyn:   31:20
you know? Yes. So I really enjoyed the inner the interaction between him and, um, Jonah, when they kind of first met each other. And and he was like, You know, I I know what it's like to be the new kid or whatever. Something like that. And, you know, if any of these guys, if they do anything, well, I'll talk bad behind their backs with them with Yeah, Yeah,

Graham :   31:45
that was fantastic. A mullet is character in a way, but in a scare away is this kid Greg Austin playing Travis Lee. She's

Jocelyn:   32:00
very, very good in this. He's very, very creepy.

Graham :   32:04
Almost to the point of scariness. Yes, Your yes. I don't like this in real life. Like, yes. How the fuck did you You know? I mean yes, the character is in absolute fucking psychopath. It's like, uh, a kid between I don't know Dexter and in Manson.

Jocelyn:   32:33
Yeah, he's got a little bit of, um, Psycho. The the that dude, that dude that did that thing Yeah, he's got He's got a little bit of that in him, but he's some He's actually British, according to Hiss is I am D B. Ah, he was in Ah, doctor who spinoff called Class. He's He's been in a few things for ITV. He's not really. He's mostly done bit parts. It looks like

Graham :   33:07
I can't remember having seen him before. He looked

Jocelyn:   33:11
vaguely familiar to me, possibly because of class, because my husband is a huge doctor who fans will give something. He's a movie, and so he'll give it a chance, even. And I don't think class was very good. So I don't think it got much e give it a chance. But yeah, he's he's a He was good in horrible sig psychotic, sadistic way.

Graham :   33:32
Yeah, that was that was good eye. Every time he was pursuing somebody, I was fearful for the person.

Jocelyn:   33:41
Yes, well, they're dead. Yeah,

Graham :   33:44
man, you're going die. So we also had Louise pulls our as Joe turns a Asian character. Asian actor is in character, Asian American character. I want to say Vietnam veteran with all of his demons in and in his, you know, PTSD, all kind of stuff, but really effective, you know, effective at everything. He didn't, you know,

Jocelyn:   34:16
very elegant in his movements. Yes, very very.

Graham :   34:21
Know that Caricature eyes, you know, a zing that?

Jocelyn:   34:26
Yeah, not the weird. When

Graham :   34:27
you fight, you fight you, like, a month ago and not like Bruce Lee.

Jocelyn:   34:30
Right? Okay. Right. Exactly. Just a very

Graham :   34:33
I like that. It was a good actor. He's a good actor. I'm know. I'm also not very familiar with I don't know. I can't tell you what else have seen anymore.

Jocelyn:   34:45
Looks like he was his Him was in Bosch. Played a character on Bosch. Um, he was in Supergirl. Hey, was in the Bourne Legacy. Oh, um, he's been in a few things. Um, but he uh yeah, he was he He was very good in this. And, um, i e I hope this isn't offensive, but I never would have thought of Asian Vietnam vet. I don't mean it offensively in the slightest. When whenever anybody says Vietnam vet, I always think old white dude, You know, I think of like the movie born on the Fourth of July, that kind of thing. So e guess I'm being spirited stereotypical. But I thought that was actually, though, on a very poignant way, Thio call attention Thio to the Vietnam War into his PTSD and the way it affected him because of his heritage and his background and also kind of a way to make you think a little bit more about the character, because again, I being, you know, dumb American. I'm just thinking of the white, the white dude being the Vietnam vet. But obviously, you know, there were black dudes and Asian dudes and Jewish dudes and everything else. But it

Graham :   36:17
is no force because for the longest, and that's what Hollywood let us to believe. You know, the people that fight the war for this country are mainly the ones that write it and survive and become Heroes are mainly why do you know the minority characters always

Jocelyn:   36:37
died here, Hank A right

Graham :   36:39
and himself. So, So? So, yes. It was refreshing to see yes and an Asian character as a war hero. More veteran more than anything else. And also going to all of these pains and Petey is deed in sufferings that that the war lives you with? Yeah, So you're absolutely right. So Kate Mulvaney has usedto Harriet very funny character way.

Jocelyn:   37:12
Still don't know what to make of her. I don't think we can really even talk about her character, because that we just can't.

Graham :   37:19
Is something incredibly intriguing about the character? Yes, yes, the her background story is told, but in in a very lightly touched away. So, yes, it's almost as if they don't want you two to figure out.

Jocelyn:   37:37
Yeah, I think I think where they're leaving us a lot for where? The second season, which hopefully there is one.

Graham :   37:44
There was one phone call that she made. Yes, since it's spoken German. Yes, And what she said left me like whoa, right. Yeah. And then everything else she did from there there was always something slightly shady about it. Yeah, but she always felt like she was being loyal to the group. Yeah, too. Yeah. So we might have to watch a bit more on Sister Harriet. Yes. Oh,

Jocelyn:   38:10
actresses, Australian Yes, and uh, it hasn't. She looked very familiar to me, but apparently hasn't been in anything that I've seen.

Graham :   38:20
So it's just not a lot in Australia, but I don't know that I've seen much of her in yours TV. But her I am to be will tell you that she's she's she's pretty much even in the soup.

Jocelyn:   38:36
She was in The Great Gatsby, which have seen that the

Graham :   38:40
okay, but she was fantastic.

Jocelyn:   38:42
She was very sick and very much an enigma. Yeah,

Graham :   38:46
and there's no I don't have any complaints about about the cast, Really. Even even like characters that had one or two appearances where we're like black, for instance, the lady who played Emilie, the FBI agents. Mother? Yes, you know. Yes. She had a few lines that she deliver a conversation with her daughter that had me freaking crying, miss, you know, do you know how how how big that is when you're only gonna be on camera for a couple of minutes. Yet you have one of the most profound delivery of lines in that. It was absolutely fantastic. What is this lady's name? Meira. Lacresha Taylor. There you go. Myra, the Christian Taylor she

Jocelyn:   39:42
played Viola Viola. She's poison The big sick She's in See you Yesterday in the AM breakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Graham :   39:54
Oh, so she's

Jocelyn:   39:56
been been a few things

Graham :   39:58
also. So she's she's gotta be buddy buddy with Carol cake. Carol Kane wasn't. That's an unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She's

Jocelyn:   40:06
from South Carolina. You so off

Graham :   40:12
course we had Al Pacino as my Offerman, who've already blabbed about her. Pacino? Yes, Zach sure was Play a young Meyer Offerman. Very good actor, You know, whatever way we delivered a very believable, you know, a concentration camp prisoner. You know, I was more struck by the girl that played young last name hag Annie Any? It

Jocelyn:   40:47
has the room lot over the ace.

Graham :   40:49
Yes. Yes. Huh. She was piercing her performance. You can always see pain in her eyes. You can always see that profound sadness in misery in her eyes. So that was fantastic. Yes. And there's no more people on the show. Of course, there is a young Nak turning Jonah. David's played Tobias Toby us, which is what you would have. You would pronounce that German to be us and General Davis. I had a good while. It lasted.

Jocelyn:   41:32
You had a good be in there. He did. He noted. I was.

Graham :   41:35
I think he had it coming.

Jocelyn:   41:37
What happened to him? He was He was a good bad guy.

Graham :   41:41
Yeah. And I also wanna thank you for following us on Instagram. Yes, Thank you. Thank you. Jonah Davis. They know my dude. Thanks for the follow in. Good job on the show. Yes. Excellent. Um, so, yeah,

Jocelyn:   41:58
I think we also have to talk about Dylan Baker as as Biff. Oh, because Biff Biff is Ah, a little bit of our introduction really into yes, into what the fuck ary is. And Dylan Dylan Baker is a great character actor in playing the sleazy, slimy guy. His very, very good at it. And he was very, very It is very, very good in this. He was he's been in everything. Um, he was in extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile. Well, he was Utah prosecutor, which we did a show about that show. So, you know, feel free to check that out. Because we did speak about him in that too. So, um, but yeah, he is. He's very good in this. Yes, he's very He's a terrible person but he's very good at it. And he, uh he is

Graham :   42:55
his survives everything. Yeah. All right. So let's talk about some of the meetings that we enjoyed. Things show right. So we had Caleb Emery, us author. Neat Ning Booty Hole, buddy, Hold it. Hey, hey. Yeah, Rio You lovingly by him by his friends, also known as booty.

Jocelyn:   43:28
Everybody needs a booty in their life. That

Graham :   43:32
is my friend Booty Hole. And we have ah, Henry Hunter Hole as Sherman. Neat ning chicks. So you have booty hole in chicks? Yes, you know. So you have ebony obsidian as Carol. I don't think there were best friends or there was a lot of interesting going on between,

Jocelyn:   43:59
I think, Yeah. Carol and Jenna. Yeah, I kind of feel like maybe they grew up together a little bit. And he had you have a crush on her that she maybe didn't reciprocate you? Yeah. On requited love.

Graham :   44:14
Yeah, something very special that happens through the entirety of the show is that out of the blue they were caught into some weird ass P e s a r amazing some, you know, some game show kind of thing. Like like really. I don't know who came up with those.

Jocelyn:   44:34
It had to be Jordan Peele. It had it had to be committed to it. Yes, there's a comedic element to it that at the same time, you know, drives home a very serious point. Exactly. So oh, yes, he'll get P essays and commercials, and you'll enjoy those. Yes, differently because it because the first time it happened, I was kind of like way. What's on the bat mitzvah? Yes, yes, that one. I was like, Wait, what is happening? I am confused s So there's a bit of a tonal shift every so often you, but it's It's very welcome. And once you realize what what the fuck is happening? Because the 1st 1 I really was very confused. Um, you'll come to look forward to them because they are delightful. That's

Graham :   45:28
how that's how Yes, yes, yes. So you have to really be on your toes when you're watching the show. It is very smart show. Yes, in. I remember we were watching the last two episodes telling you, just selling every conversation in the show are things that you have to. They say things that you have to pay attention to? Yes, right aimed. There's something very I don't know if you had a lengthy conversation with an older Jewish person, but they have these storytelling qualities, and everything they say is on mud Lee mud Lee wise, like no one else could have come up with those talking

Jocelyn:   46:18
rest. Yes, I actually have had the privilege of having ah, conversation with a Holocaust survivor. A long conversations with a Holocaust survivor and amazing thing it is. It is amazing. Yes.

Graham :   46:31
This is a kind of flow you have there now. There's one moment where Carol said something about men are like floor tiles. Once you have them perfectly positioned, you can walk all over the entire life. You know, I was like no one else would ever say something about it. Fucking right. You want to pay attention to each and every one of those characters because their stories are powerful. No, everything is as it looks. Yes, so watched your show. Watch it. And don't give up on

Jocelyn:   47:13
it now. Don't give up on it. Watch it. Gonna My father was was a huge proponent of history, and he was very, very interested in the Holocaust and very much wanted me to know about the Holocaust. And so there. I read a lot of things and and watched a lot of things, and it was always from the point of view of Watch this because you need to understand how life could be going along and be perfectly fine. And then the switch flips and it's not and you become the persecuted one or you become the outcast and watch it from the view of looking outside of your

Graham :   48:00
bubble wise. Why's it just why the more you talk about your father, the more I discover his his wisdom, you know? And the more I lament not having ever chance to have. Yeah, but

Jocelyn:   48:20
yeah, but the show, it's it's it has the entertainment value. It has the history value. But also if you at all can think about how it relates to us in our world today and the fact that this isn't just history, this is something that can happen again very easily.

Graham :   48:37
Yes, and lastly, from me, at least I can tell you these there is away. The show uses to call out those who who stand idly by yes and watch injustice happen just because it's not happening to them? Yes. And so you have this. It shows you that even when it's not happening to you as wrong as it is unjust, you can do something. You have to do something because you may be next. Yes. So we're just gonna leave it at that? Um, we want to invite you folks to follow us on all of our social media. Little things, right?

Jocelyn:   49:29
Yes, we're on Facebook. Were our Twitter? Yes, we are on instagram

Graham :   49:36
use. We are

Jocelyn:   49:37
We are on Pinterest. Yeah, way have our own website. Exactly. When we're on the tubes of you

Graham :   49:44
determines if you in fact, you know, we could sit here and tell you a little of the handles and stuff, but like, if you do a quick search kick in and streaming podcasts, all right, Just remember No, i n g just i n apostrophe. You know,

Jocelyn:   50:00
Southern and Graham is the only g we need

Graham :   50:06
So would like to invite you to find us and please follow comment, Turn back our own topics. You know, ask us questions if you've got any different opinions. Didn't but with espoused here, let us know you'd like to have a chat with you? Yes, all right. And, uh, Wells, I think Nothing. I said yes. So wherever you listen to our part guys, please remember to follow to rate us. You know, let people know what you think of us.

Jocelyn:   50:42
Share. Give a shout out

Graham :   50:43
in sheer. That's that's exactly right. You finish it and will be with you next week. Yes. Thank you very much for listening today. Thanks, folks. Moved, but I