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March 10, 2020
Ep. 54 Troop Zero: A Nod To The Most Adorable Little Underdogs

On this week's episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast. Graham and Jocelyn discuss Amazon Prime original movie Troop Zero, starring Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, McKenna Grace, Allison Janney. Graham began by telling Jocelyn abo...

On this week's episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast. Graham and Jocelyn discuss  Amazon Prime original movie Troop Zero, starring Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, McKenna Grace, Allison Janney. Graham began by telling Jocelyn about his experience at Podfest; which took place this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. The two co hosts then began discussing the Prime original movie, and Graham begins by asking Jocelyn about her thoughts on it. Jocelyn says she enjoyed the movie thoroughly and describes it as a different way of telling the "underdog story." Jocelyn then, proceeded to give a magnificently accurate synopsis of Troop Zero, and Graham notated he also enjoyed the movie, and he was at some point moved to tears while watching it. Graham also thinks everyone should be proud of all the children who acted in the movie. Graham and Jocelyn began discussing the cast, starting with Viola Davis as Miss Ryleen and how she gave an honest performance of a southern black woman in the 1970s, frustrated stuck in a small rural town when in her youth she thought and believe she was destined for greater things. Graham & Jocelyn praised Jim Gaffigan's credible performance as Ramsey Flint, as well as young actress McKenna Grace as his daughter Christmas Flint. Jocelyn further praised Gaffigan's surprisingly dignified portrayal of a character; which could have easily been a caricature of a southern Rural lawyer in the 1970s. The two co host then continued to discuss the remaining characters in the show including the performance of Allison Janney. Jocelyn thought Allison Janney nailed the southern accent and pointed out that most actors seem to think doing a southern accent is an easy thin to do when in reality it's more complex than simply pulling off a twang. Janney was able to capture all of the vivid colors of a southern belle in this character. Listen to the full episode at your leisure and tell us what you think. If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. 

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Graham :   1:37
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of kicking and threw me in here with me. This is Graham, by the way. I know you know who I am, but I feel like I always have to say that. So let's let's let's do it again, Jojo. All right.

Jocelyn:   1:51
Yes, that's right, we always, we gotta introduce ourselves. It's only polite. Yes!  

Intro Announcer:   1:55
this'll is kicking and streaming podcast of Binge Watcher's Guide to Streaming Movies, TV series, and stuff! Here are your hosts, Graham and Jocelyn.  

Graham :   2:13
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of kickin' and Streamin,'  my name is Graham  and of course, with me is my favorite co host, the lady of the hour, the lady of the day, and The Lady of the Year too... because I said so.

Jocelyn:   2:29
Yeah and it's only March. It's a  

Graham :   2:33
Her name is Jocelyn and dearly from me, she is Jojo.

Graham :   2:40
This has been a very eventful week for us, particularly for me. But as as a team of podcasters that we are, it was a big week because even though originally we were all the two of us, were going to Podfest in Orlando this year, but obviously for circumstances outside, of the realm, of our own control, Jocelyn you couldn't make it.

Jocelyn:   3:12
Life happened.  

Graham :   3:13
Yeah, Iife happened, exactly! So I'm hopeful because I know that this is an event that we will be going back to, at least for the next few years to come.  And of course, you are gonna be there the next time and you will see how much happens and how good it is to bring in this medium how great it is to be to be involved in this. I never thought of podcasting as, you know, making such a difference that could change the world But, you know, I just learned that would do. We make a huge difference. And that's enough for me to continue pushing through, right?

Jocelyn:   4:01
Yeah, I am. I'm excited to hear everything that you learned, and I'm excited for us to implement it. And, uh, yeah, I'm ready to kick it into high gear.

Graham :   4:13
Ah, yes, yes, yes. I think for me, the you know, the greatest, most important thing are the people that I've had had the opportunity to meet the people that are so open and ready to tell you: here's what I can help. Here's how I can help. And here's my number. Call me any time and, you know, it is just that. Like, for instance, Mark Mark Bologna, a friend that I just made there. I told him that in the situation that I was that I was, you know, no, not prepared to do a remote recording with you. And all I had to do was ask once, Can I borrow your microphone? Because he had mentioned that he was planning on recording his episode in his room. And as it can I borrow your USB microphone. I've got my computer with me and it was like, of course, you know, And he brought it down with with him and he texted me several times trying to find out where you are. I've got the microphone, and whenever you're ready, I'll bring it to you. You know, that was that was fantastic.

Jocelyn:   5:24
Yeah, that's awesome. That's that's a great community right there.

Graham :   5:27
Yes, yes, yes. And so let's go ahead and tell people before we get started a little call to action, right?  so you can find us on every social media possible. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. What else Jocelyn? our website is kickin and streamin' podcast dot com right. And, um, you can just follow us if you want to keep up all of our episodes. You can follow us off course on wherever you get your podcasts, you will find us. And of course, when you find us, just go ahead and give us a rate and subscribe so that whenever we post the next podcast, you can receive it.  And with that said? Let's go ahead and get started with show. Today we're talking about a little movie from Amazon Prime, right?  

Jocelyn:   6:29

Graham :   6:30
it's an Amazon original movie called Troop Zero?

Jocelyn:   6:35
Troop Zero, yes,  

Jocelyn:   6:36
Yes, and so that movie came out, I believe it was somewhere in feeb in February,  Right?

Jocelyn:   6:43
Ah, it was late January.

Graham :   6:45
Late January.

Graham :   6:47
And, um, I was fascinated from the very beginning. The first time I saw the I saw the trailer and I knew that it was based on, you know, mid to late seventies because, of course, of the fashion and the exposively big Afro Viola Davis is fashioning on this show. But there's more to that show, isn't it?

Jocelyn:   7:13
Yes. Yes. Well, I, uh when I saw that, it was written by one of the writers of Beasts of the Southern Wild, which, if you haven't seen is is a beautiful movie and stuck with me for the years after I've seen it. When I saw it was that this was co written or or written by one of the writers of that, I was like, up. I'm in because I this is gonna be something special, I think, And, um and I don't think I was wrong. It e think the story is of course, one that's it's told, been told many times, But I think pretty much every story has been told many times, but this one's got some heart to it. And it's got a great great cast.

Graham :   7:58
It has a really nice little cast and kudos to the kids because they all they all did very believable in fantastic job.

Jocelyn:   8:10

Graham :   8:10
And the adults, of course, they didn't disappoint.  

Jocelyn:   8:13

Graham :   8:14
Before we get into the cast, then oh, I would swing it right back at you,  Jojo, so that you can tell our audience what this movie is about. In a nutshell. No, No spoilers, No spoilers,

Jocelyn:   8:29
No spoilers. So it's Ah 1977 and Georgia and, ah, there's a little girl named Christmas and Christmas Loves the Stars and Christmas loves outer space. And, uh, she loves to go up and look at the stars at night and, of course, living in rural Georgia. She doesn't have light pollution shows. She can see the stars like a lot of us can't and her mother has recently passed away, and she's definitely ah, an outcast, a misfit. Her best friend is a little boy who is called girlBoy in the movie. Um and she is captured by the sudden realization that NASA is coming to her little town to give the birdie troops, which I believe is something like the girl troops. But ah are like girl Scouts. But it's there, Birdie scouts and ah, is the NASA is gonna come and they're gonna get the chance to talk on one of the golden Records that went out into space, which is something that actually happened in history. And so she becomes obsessed with we're going to get there, we're going to win this competition and we're going to get my voice on the golden record, so it goes out into space because I believe in alien life. I believe in the Stars and somehow my mom is gonna hear my voice. So, um, it's all about the quest to become a Birdie Scout to get a troupe together and get to Jamboree and win Jamboree. And, uh, it's just I love to this movie. I loved everything about it.

Graham :   10:14
You know? I remember when when the movie came out and I'm like Jojo, we have to watch this. I remember because we were doing our I think we were doing our our special, our best of the decade special. And that's when that was the first time we talked about this or that. We have the watch this, but I never thought that it was gonna be... I'm not saying good enough, but I've never thought that it would pick our interest to the point of wanting to make an episode about it. And, uh, I have to say, you know, watching this movie was great and and I know I told you this before we started the show, there was a point where the little movie had me crying and I was like,

Jocelyn:   11:01
That's not supposed to happen uh, little Amazon Prime movie. So come on, you know. But there are

Graham :   11:13
There are some moments there. As I said, everybody involved in this movie should be very proud of all the Children that were that were part of the cast. Yes, and since we've already started talking about caste. Let's go ahead and and delve into it. Right? So we have young lady name McKenna Grace, who is the one that plays Christmas Flint. I don't know. It's I've never said this about a child actor, but I think she was. She was like she was born to played Christmas Flint

Jocelyn:   11:56
e feel like it was I felt like she was Christmas Flint. She I One of the things I found very refreshing about this movie is I felt like the kids actually looked like kids and they actually had Children playing Children as opposed to 35 year olds, you know? So I I loved that about about the movie we that you know that the the kids in this, our kids and they they screw up in this movie and the acting isn't perfect. And I love that because I just think that it's as and I'm not saying that they're bad, and that's not what I'm trying to say at all. I'm just saying that you can see the humanity of them. They're not little polished, uh, movie actors. You know that we're born and bred to become stars these these are kids and and I really enjoyed that part of the movie, you know,

Graham :   12:46
you are, you are You are absolutely right. There were moments where when some of them most fun parts of, the acting was taking place. You could act genuinely see that they're having fun. Yes. Yeah, that's what was throwing stuff at each other and throwing you know, just falling on each other, laughing and joking. You know, e that that wasn't necessary to their whole all about acting, but rather bunch of kids having fun. And there were cameras there filming it. Yes. So that feeling is God also transmitted out towards us, the viewer and, um you know, it's it's a It's a good moment. It's a good thing for this little movie now. Yeah, we're going to continue with the cast, but what do you think? How do you think the reception of this movie? I haven't seen a lot about the reception of the movie, but how do you think it did?

Jocelyn:   13:46
I haven't really seen anybody talking about it. I don't really know if anybody's watched it. I I don't know, I think it has, like a 70% or something like that on rotten tomatoes. If you're gonna go that route, I just I don't really think that there is, um, I don't know that people knew how to label it. If that's the proper term, Um, I don't know that it had a slot that it necessarily fits into, You know, it's a PG movie, so but it's and it's a kid's movie, but it's not a kid's movie at the same time. I mean, it's I was thoroughly engaged with it the entire time. I never felt like, you know, it was juvenile content or your, you know, aimed at somebody at the of less understanding than adult or something like that. You know it. It definitely never talks down to you or anything like that. So I'm It's a kid's movie that elevate an elevated Children's movies that make sense. I don't know.  

Graham :   14:49
And it looked like it had it had. At least it was exhibited at Sundance Festival and ah, it may, I don't know if it won something Sundance, but I mean that that should tell us that, you know, this is a movie that tricks took seriously and so something in it. But you're right. Here's a thing again. These are the kind of work that I think over the year people would discover because, thank God they're gonna be on a streaming platform. And there are two of those days where we're looking for something to watch that it's no, always the same thing. We watch and we'll stumble upon movies like that because I remember What was this movie dumpling is what? Don't Dumpling Temple, Indiana. I mean, dumpling is actually over. The last year has been quite the the success because people are still going and finding it. Why? Because these other little movies that we we talk about in, you know, in closed session with friends that are talking about here is what I'm watching in blah, blah, blah. And then all of a sudden, one person will come up and say, You know what? I saw this little movie. I didn't think much of it until I started to watch it. And it was good. And I think this Is that the kind of truth? Zero Is that kind off? What do you think?

Jocelyn:   16:27
I agree with you 100%. I am gonna be telling everybody about this movie like watching too much. You'll just watch it, Theo.

Graham :   16:36
The cast is carefully selected, at least in terms of the of the adults in it. Because, of course, you don't know much of those Children, you know, right? Ah, but the adults are are big stars in their own rights, right? Yeah. You have Viola Davis, who plays Miss Raylene. I don't know this. This was a very I feel like she was having fun with this character. But at the same time, Viola Davis is is such a serious, serious actress that you know that she was putting all the work in it, you know? I mean, like, Miss Raylene, and was incredibly believable. Yes. And you could you could see her frustration of the idea that, you know, she felt like she was stuck in in that little town. And she seems like she she felt like she was destined for so much more. Yes, and into the ability to portray that in a character that it can be seen by anybody without words, just just by seeing the the acting the character is if something big, isn't it?

Jocelyn:   18:00
Yeah. Yeah. When when she called. You know, all of the kids in her troop, my boos, booze, and it never once rang faults for make. Those were her boos. You know, it was it was never just the line. It was never just something I was like. Nope. Those are her boos.  

Graham :   18:18
You know what I like about this character is first the reluctance of... I'm not doing this.

Jocelyn:   18:26
Yes, little girls. They're creepy. Hey, she's like, give me arsonists. Give me felons. Give me this. I know how to handle them. Little girls. Little girls are creepy!

Graham :   18:39
 and she has a lot of good lines. They're like, um there was one that she What was your name? Smash the little girl Smash? Yeah, she said something to smash that I actually wrote down something about like, I know it's against the law, Smash but I will whoop you ass. It was That was really good. I mean, not that I was expecting Viola Davis not to not be good at this, but she was, you know, better than any other actor would have been, considering the I don't know, the dimension of the size of the movie, you know? I mean, like, maybe another actor wouldn't have taken it so seriously. And in that respect, I know we're gonna get to her, but I think I feel that way about Allison Janney. But let's, uh what do you think about Jeanne? Jim Gaffigan?

Jocelyn:   19:44
I did want to mention just before we move on from Viola Davis that I know she believed in this movie too, cause she co produced It, so I know that she, uh she wanted to get this story in a screen, which I think this is cool. Um, Jim Gaffigan, I I was really impressed by him in this movie. I I enjoy a standup. I mean, it's it's pretty repetitive, but that's okay, because he's funny.  You can write the same joke, like, three times, and you still laugh about it. I remember.

Graham :   20:15
Yes, I remember. Do you remember that? That hot pocket joke? Hooooot Pockeeeeet! I mean, he kept saying it, and I kept laughing, no matter what.

Jocelyn:   20:26
You Yes, yes. Um, so But he, uh I I enjoyed him very much. A I liked his chemistry in his reaction with with the little girl that played Christmas, his daughter. Because Christmas Flint is his daughter. He's he's boss man. And Christmas is his daughter, who's boss a small must. And, uh, he he has a little dog and ah, he's a lawyer. And he was just good in it. And he made the character to me. I feel like a different actor could have made it sort of ah, buffoon or or an idiot. Or maybe a little too sweet, but I felt like he kind of nailed this character in making him, you know, maybe not always the smartest guy in the room, but definitely loves his daughter and wants to do the right thing. Yes, yes. Bighearted guy. She is. It is that kind of character.  

Graham :   21:33
And you're right. I feel like another actor would have taking it, you know, toe where? 100 post, 100% caricature. Having that biased idea that, you know, I'm playing a dumb Southerner, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And I felt like, you know, Jim Gaffigan had enough respect for the character to give it a lot of different dimensions that, you know, he wasn't going to just take the easy route and do a sad imitation off off a rural Southern lawyer. You know, we don't wear it with a little daughter, you know? So, e, I was surprised to see him cast in this movie, to tell you the truth. And when I saw him cost, I thought, Well, it's a It's a comedy. But it turns out it wasn't necessarily that much for comedy, was it?

Jocelyn:   22:35
No, it really isn't. I mean, there's definitely parts that'll make you laugh out loud, but it's more of Ah, I don't know, I guess an underdog story.

Graham :   22:43
Yes. Yes, because that's the kind of that's the kind of story that he's. You know, there's a lot of stories like that that would, perhaps chose chosen a a sports discipline to sort of t the central, the center of the story. Ah, yes, yes. This'll was about little Girl Scouts, you know, it was fantastic, you know? And so moving on to Allison Janney, this is an actress that I respect a large, you know, detail. I did he love her to fucking death, because you know what? You know CJ from I respect her because she wants CJ on the Westway, you know? I mean, I respect her because she is again one of the best actress alive, you know? But I don't know about me. Her playing. Ms. Massey,

Jocelyn:   23:46
I I believe there is Miss Massey every so often it I always kind of like, uh but I I really felt that she nailed the southern accent, which I feel that a lot of people think is an easy thing to do. Oh, you just throw on a drawl in your Southern. It's like, No, there's there's a whole, like subtext in and in another context. And there's that words mean different things in the South and perfectly

Graham :   24:13
well, bless your heart for

Jocelyn:   24:15
yes. Yes, exactly. It could mean so many different things. And when? When? When? When she would say, Just play and just playing. She's got that. So right? Oh, she's good. She's good. Yes. Oh, she see. I enjoyed her performance very much. There was a few little things I was a little over. But I mean, that's those air quibbles. Really?

Graham :   24:38
Yes. Yes, we're gonna

Jocelyn:   24:40
I certainly couldn't have done a better job.

Graham :   24:44
You nailed it with Allison Janney It We shouldn't obviously hold it against her. Whatever it is that we felt wasn't necessarily, you know, up to par. But but in terms of the character in in all of its Muir Ince's as you know, a Southern belle. It was in so many bad versions of sorts. Southern Belles. You know what, Um yes, in Yes. Obviously I'm by I'm not a Southern Belle expert by any means, but I think I've seen enough of them living in the south to know what this out. Like what they say in in their comportment the behavior. And I

Jocelyn:   25:28
think I understand Johnny did

Graham :   25:29
a pretty good job. I probably wouldn't have cast her, Floyd, but yeah, yeah, yeah. And so the little boy that you mentioned that played Joseph, who was bullied as a girl boy. Yeah. Charlie shot Will is his name. Yes. I e don't know a lot about this kid as a, uh, you know, as an actor, I'm sure he's been on a lot of things. Bore a friend that he was He was He was the guy for this character. You know? He will. Yeah. You know, he was perfectly cast and he delivered the journey.

Jocelyn:   26:17
Yeah, he really did. He really did. It's, ah, again a character that could have, I think, gone into a sort of, ah caricature sketch performance. But he he didn't let that happen Thio to that. So yeah, he was He was very good. And I do

Graham :   26:38
feel like he also had such a huge message to deliver on his shoulders for, you know, for young little actor, you know, that's ah, message off. You know, inclusiveness and acceptance and and and off being, you know, true to self in situations when you know, because here's what happens. I don't know if you remember that, but they the whole idea of him being part off the off the scout girls off the birdies. Everybody is sort of like, frown upon that. Right?

Jocelyn:   27:22
Right. Right. Supposed to be girls. You. Well, that's it's an unwritten rule. It's not in the rule book. Cast a bad girl

Graham :   27:29
exactly yet when he started doing his thing, you know? And he took all these old ladies and she made them look like Quinn, you know?

Jocelyn:   27:40
Yes. Oh, yeah. This is officer there. Nobody seemed

Graham :   27:43
to have a problem with him, you know? I mean so the entire idea of not accepting people from for who they are is is based on on hypocrisy. Until because until people show the utility of who he is and what he can do. You know, everybody seemed to have a problem with him until him. Yes. Yes, it's it's It's a very, very poignant character in I'm proud that this kid played it, you know, to perfection. To tell you truth.

Jocelyn:   28:24
Yes, he did. He really did. What did you think

Graham :   28:28
of hell, No price.

Jocelyn:   28:30
I love tell now. Hell, no.

Graham :   28:32
Was like a little Tasmanian monster with

Jocelyn:   28:34
Yes. Yes, she was. I think she's everything I've ever aspired to be in the entire existence. Now I'm gonna be, uh I'm not gonna be Jo Jo e l Now he Oh, no,

Graham :   28:53
Andre. And, uh, I was looking at the buyer for these kids, and she seems to be the one that has the most, like, extensive, the most. The largest bio in terms of having bean on stuff. So she's Bean. She's been acting. I think she was seen. She was, like, four years old. Yeah. Yeah. And she was the perfect hell, No. Yeah. And offered her sidekick was Johanna Cologne, also known as Smash.

Jocelyn:   29:27
Ah, great character.

Graham :   29:32
Yes, she was. And like, I've always thought that is gonna be really hard to play an entire movie without saying just might just say a few words, you know? Yes, but I think she had a little fun smashing and throwing stuff and he, you know, and just jumping on people. She was dope, man. Uh,

Jocelyn:   29:57
it was great. Uh, seems great.

Graham :   29:59
She actually started as a YouTube star.

Jocelyn:   30:03
Yes, she's saying, Respect is that what

Graham :   30:05
has she is? Yes. And there you are, you know? So it's great to see that that yeah, she's She's there, you know? I mean, hopefully she'll she'll continue to to do her thing.

Jocelyn:   30:21
I hope so, too. Because she was She was good in that She was joyful in this, and she, uh, she's another one. You know, It's just like a kid. It is awesome to see a kid on TV.

Graham :   30:32
Yes. Yes. So there was the little girl on Claire, so sort of like an extremely religious kid

Jocelyn:   30:44
with one eye. Do you know where

Graham :   30:49
when I actually, like, really laugh on the very first scene that she appeared when they went in Oscar, she would be part of the thing and she decided to ask Jesus. You think this would be if Jesus, I agree. And I'm like, Okay, so how do you know? Because it was like it was like 100. Let me pray that that that that that Jesus, please say yes. Please say yes. And then Okay. I'm good.

Jocelyn:   31:20
She's on the cheese on the red phone. When she's she grabs crossing the praise the red phone rings, I guess.

Graham :   31:28
Jesus. Yeah. And clear your good. Keep going. Don't be coming up in here. Um um Mike EPPS A cz Dwayne Champagne. Um, okay, that he wasn't three scenes. Maybe I don't

Jocelyn:   31:51
Yeah. Hey. Well, unless he was not in very many, he was kind of in the beginning, and Ah, and more towards the end. But, uh, hey was funny. That's That's my cab. So, Hee, I was just, like, Why did I have

Graham :   32:09
Mike ab zero? I can't ask you why. What is this? You know, Bo. But he was good. Um, no, There's a turnoff Leader characters in there that that contribute quite a bit to the show. But these are, you know, the top one that come top ones that come to mind. Except for the little girl that played Piper Keller. My God, how can you be so good at being a mean girl?

Jocelyn:   32:43
She was great. She was great. And the back and forth between her and Thea other little girl because, you know, there's the of course. There's the mean girl troops. There has to be, You know, this this, but, um, so she's the Ashley Brooke place. Um the Piper girl who's the guest? The head of the troupe. And then she has her second in command. She keeps taking lines from, But I just I loved that so much second in command would be, like, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then she would say exactly the same thing. But in a slightly different tone on this, the second in command, we look at it or like, I am gonna whip your ass. I just said that that that's it was funny. And I don't know,

Graham :   33:35
I hopefully everybody notices does because they are funny.

Jocelyn:   33:42
Yeah, you said that's for the stuntman. Yeah. I don't

Graham :   33:52
know what this is funny little movie that everybody should give a chance to because ah, it's well done. The cinematography is beautiful.

Jocelyn:   34:07
It really s you. And, uh, it really is, really, I think captures the feel another movie that captures the feel of the seventies and, ah, feeling of growing up poor and ah, feeling of growing up feeling like you don't fit in with anybody. And ah, I I loved everything about this. Maybe if I could hug this movie, I would just

Graham :   34:32
Yes, and I'm I'm good fool that we decided to do it to to do this movie, to do a podcast about these movie because it reminded me off older all the shows that we've talked about, that we were disgusted with a lot of joys in our heart where we talked about them. I know that. I'm saying that we don't enjoy talking about a series or movie every week, but there are some that there's these joy off talking about them. You know, I can remember talking about shrill, maybe with that same feeling. Yeah. So, um, with that said, You know, I what? As should should be said about these What do you What are you doing? Words.

Jocelyn:   35:29
Watch it. Watch it with your kids. Watch it with your kids if you've got him, if you don't have him, you know, you don't have to have Children to watch this movie, But this is definitely one you could watch with your kids. You know, the idea of of inclusion and being feeling like you're not normal or not the same as everybody else is something I think that a lot of us went through are currently going through. And, uh, I think something that you know as a child. It might be nice to see somebody on screen that maybe reminds you of yourself.

Graham :   36:07
Yes, yes. And I would also say that as adults, we should always try not to judge not to make a decision about whether we should watch or know something, because it's, you know, it's a kid's movie and I don't like kids movies. Oh, I don't feel like I have to watch kids movie because most kids movies nowadays aren't even even even some Disney cartoon movies. And should I even I even that kiddie movie anymore? There's so much most substance to want. We watched it so much more so much more message in in in those movies that it pretty much you know, Fitz and entire audience general audience, regardless off whether the principal or the main theme or topic is about kids or four kids shows. When you see a little movie like that, just just do yourself a favor and watch it and you're Yes, you'll come out better. A better person. Ah, with some very good laughs and sometimes a little bit off a cry on the other side. Yeah, yeah, Yes, we're wasn't. So, uh, with that said, we just going to quite a day today, right? Yes. So the movie's called trip zero. Then it is on Amazon prime. It is tearing Violet Davies, Jim Gaffigan, Allison Janney and McKenna craze as Christmas flint. And, uh, hopefully, after listening to this podcast, you get on and watch it.

Jocelyn:   37:57
Yes, please do enjoy it. Leave us a little message and let us know what she thought of

Intro Announcer:   38:02
it. So it is German. Thank you very much for this new this week. We'll be back next would know there. Be sure before you. In the meantime, if this is your first time listening to us could always go back, please. It's into find over the other 53 episodes that have been done and see what you like. Listen to watch you let us know. Yes. Phrasebook Tweeter interest Our website Kickin instrument. Thank you. Thank you