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March 17, 2020
Ep. 55.- Movies You Can Watch When You're Quarantined

On this episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn present a list of movies yo watch if you need to self-quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player,...

On this episode of Kickin' & Streamin' Podcast, Graham & Jocelyn present a list of movies yo watch if you need to self-quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. 

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Graham :   0:00
And so, Jojo, uh, all we have to do this week to be trending is to say, corona virus

Jocelyn:   0:07
Corona virus

Graham :   0:08
We're trending ladies and gentlemen, way are trending.  

Jocelyn:   0:14
Oh, are Covid-19  

Graham :   0:15

Jocelyn:   0:16
Which someone pointed out to me, you could say to the eeer... to the lyrics of Come on, Eileen, you can sing it to me. Oh, yes, Exactly. Had come on, Eileen stuck in my head.  

Graham :   0:29
That's awesome, person.

Graham :   0:31
Also, in view of that, what should we do then? Uh,

Jocelyn:   0:36
wash our hands.

Graham :   0:37
Wash  our hands? You know  uuh.. many countries, especially Asian Country Vietnam, I heard. Did like this very catchy song about washing your hand  

Jocelyn:   0:49
They did a little video to go along with. It would. Yeah,

Graham :   0:52
the choreography is freaking awesome.  

Jocelyn:   0:55
It is  

Graham :   0:55
You know, that's that shit's  dope man. How do How do we not come up with this kind of shit in the  US, uh?

Jocelyn:   1:00
Because we're I mean, we

Graham :   1:03
got Hollywood, we got you know, all of these great rappers and singers and all kind of sh... I mean, I wouldn't mind if even for Billy Joel came up with some shit,

Jocelyn:   1:12
you know? Yeah. Yeah, I I would argue that it's because, you know, America doesn't should give a shit about anybody But who there happened to be inhabiting at the moment. But America thing touches me, so you know, whatever.

Graham :   1:28
All right? So seriously that we are talking about this because it is very, you know, A Propos?

Jocelyn:   1:37
Yeah, schools are closing. And in the area that we're currently in their closing in other states responsible employers or having people work from home. You know, Thea, the CDC is having, uh, a lot of information on their website. Sporting events have been canceled. NASCAR's been canceled. NASCAR, NASCAR, I mean, you know, serious. Yeah, So, I mean, you know, it's serious when sports were canceled. Yes. You know, lots of conventions and gatherings have been cancelled. People or postponing weddings. So, um, this is a big deal,

Graham :   2:10
Yo! But, all right, well, we're good, right?

Jocelyn:   2:14
Yeah, we're good. So if if any of you are quarantined or self quarantined, thank you for for listening to us, and, uh, we have a fun little list for you.

Graham :   2:25
Yes. Yes, we thought about that. Right. And, uh, we have something for our... for folks who, maybe courage. Because we know that in fact, we've got listeners all over the world, and I know that we've got listeners in Iran. We've got blisters in Italy. We've got listeners in Asia in most of these countries that are affected. Some of you guys have had to go on isolation. So we got you back. Yes, and with that said, Let's shoot, Let's go ahead and get this started, shall we?

Jocelyn:   3:01
Let's do that. Hey, Graham.    

Graham :   0:00
Hey Jocelyn

Jocelyn:   3:06
Do you like food?  

Graham :   3:07

Jocelyn:   3:08
Do you like grocery shopping?  

Graham :   3:10

Jocelyn:   3:11
with Instacart. Never deal with germ covered shopping cart handles, people waiting until the last second to pay, or having to dodge that one creepy dude who's always in the dairy section.

Graham :   3:20
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Jocelyn:   3:27
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Graham :   3:38
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Jocelyn:   3:48
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Graham :   4:09
They pay close attention, to expiration dates and carefully handle delicate items like eggs and bottles. Oh, and speaking of bottles, alcohol delivery may be an option as well.  

Jocelyn:   4:21
All of this for one low monthly fee and it's unlimited. Yes, that's right. Have them running around for you every day of the month. Who doesn't want a grocery store Lackey

Graham :   4:29
to start your 14 day free trial? Follow the link in the show notes to let insta cart know that we sent you in to help support our show.

Jocelyn:   4:37
Insta cart never set foot in a grocery store again.

Intro Announcer:   4:41
This is kicking and streaming podcast, a Binge Watcher's Guide to Streaming Movies. TV series and stuff. Here are your hosts, Graham and Jocelyn!

Graham :   4:56
and hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Kickin' & Streamin'. My name is Graham. And of course with me in studio. It is my fantastic co-host, the Very, very, very, very Bonachona Jocelyn. Aaaah you didn't know about that Bonachona, that's  ul tra good. So very good. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. Jojo, say hi to these folks for me?

Jocelyn:   5:26
Howdy. Do you? You know that everybody teams in every week for my howdy. D'oh! Don't do it, everybody. There's they're sweeping in the street.

Graham :   5:35
Who are, you know, What did you do, with Jocelyn? You know the transcription to our podcast, when I say Jocelyn, they are transcribing as Jost ling I jus t like that's no, I'm talking about whatever do Why did pick on the guy with the accent? I don't know. Always. So this week, as Jocelyn alluded to we are talking about We have a show that it covered 19 oriented because we thought the sooner or later as a scientist put it, between 40 to 70% of the earth population is going to be affected by this. This is no hyperbole. This is no exaggeration. This is where we are, and this is what it is. And in that respect, we want you to be prepared because there's only so many books you can read. There's only so many magazines you can read. And, uh, there's only so much you can scroll on, you know, on Facebook and social media, given the fact that pretty much everybody is talking about the same thing. So it's not even that fun anymore.  

Jocelyn:   6:50

Graham :   6:53
We discovered this article on vulture dot com that presents us with 58 pandemic theme movies that one could watch in case of self isolation or or quarantine. Right? And so we are going to present these movies with their titles, and we're going to give you a brief synopsis of A And we'll also tell you where you can find those movies to stream.  

Jocelyn:   7:26

Graham :   7:26
Right. So, Jo, what about you? Get started?

Jocelyn:   7:29
All right, So I first have Outbreak, which was a movie that turned a micro generation into hypochondriacs. Outbreak is about a fictional California town that is entirely quarantined when it becomes ground zero for an Ebola like outbreak in the United States. The story centers on the CDC and military medical researchers charged with containing and treating the infected, and it has people bleeding out of orifice is and that one extremely scary movie theater scene that made almost everyone currently between about 30 and 35 think they were going to catch a catastrophic illness in a movie theater.  

Graham :   8:05
Oh, wow. Oh,

Jocelyn:   8:07
so this one you can get on Netflix and, um, I personally have not seen this one, but, um, it sounds like it was Ah, ah ah humdinger. How's that humdinger?

Graham :   8:21
Humdinger? What is a elaborate for me on Humdinger?

Jocelyn:   8:26
Ah, like a really big deal, but in, like, a scary way. Oh, yeah,

Graham :   8:32
that's what home dig.

Jocelyn:   8:33
Yeah, like that's a humdinger of an injury. You know, like somebody's got a broken arm, the bones hanging out.

Graham :   8:38
Oh, right, right, right. Yeah, I For a moment I thought it was like something. You heard him. That rap Hostepper... they call me hot stepper, muderer

Jocelyn:   8:54
that stuck in my head better than Come on, Eileen. So e fine with that.

Graham :   9:00
Jocelyn has been, has been thinking about Come on Eileen. Come on. You know what I mean. I like singing just so I can say what I mean. It's cool, Whip. Let's move on then. So the next one is Is it contagion? Oh, contagion.

Jocelyn:   9:20
Think it's contagion contagion. It's gotta be in. This is America way would never say something as exotic and lovely is contingent

Graham :   9:29
on it. So let's go with contagion. The disease disaster movie on Everyone sleeps Right Now. Steven Soderbergh's Contagion is best known for the terrifying death of Gwyneth Paltrow very early on in the movie, which makes us all realize that the fictional disease spreading across Earth in super serious you can't just kill Gwyneth Paltrow like that the movie is front loaded would tread before turning into a chilling sociological study off what everyday people would do during a pretty realistic seeming pandemic. It's available on Hulu, and I think we are seeing a sociological experiment with these thing going on right now.  

Jocelyn:   10:14
Yeah. Definitely so

Graham :   10:15
if you're not in the United States and let me tell you about something ridiculous that has happened here as a result of just the talks about the Covid-19  0r Corona viruses that somehow people think they need more toilet paper than usual. So, Right now there is a shortage of toilet paper

Jocelyn:   10:38
And paper towels,

Graham :   10:40
Paper towels

Graham :   10:41
and napkins  

Graham :   10:42
But Jocelyn, why?

Jocelyn:   10:43
I I don't know. I don't understand. I I actually saw a little comic that I felt was appropriate because it was you know, and by comic, I just mean that it was illustrated. It was a mom with a cancer child patient in bed, you know, with all the machines and everything hooked up. And she tells the father, you know OK, we need we need paper towels. We need it's hand sanitizer. We need wipes. We need bleach. We need toilet paper. You know, um and we need masks because they have a child that has a compromised immune system, and the father goes out to get it. And everything is the all of the shelves are empty. And he's just standing there in the middle of the empty shells going, you bastards. And you know, that's to me. That's what it is. It's I don't understand the hoarding mentality. Yeah, um, the, uh Well, I got my toilet papers, so I'll be fine and fuck the rest of you guys. I I don't I don't get it. I understand wanting to be prepared for something, but I don't get the whole toilet paper thing.

Graham :   11:47
There's a whole lot of things that that I was expecting would be Would would go extinct in the supermarket. You know, much in the same way that when you were expecting a hurricane or something, that for some reason people stock up on milk, which, when you know when you have a hurricane or when you have a snowstorm wherever you lose electricity, most likely. So there you go.

Jocelyn:   12:13
Yeah, really, really know of all the things to have go bad, milks is a pretty nasty one

Graham :   12:18
is so quick. But that doesn't make sense on, you know, on this aspect and for the life of me, I still don't get the toilet paper thing.

Jocelyn:   12:30
I don't I don't know. In in the apocalypse, I would think that one of the last things you would be worried about is if your ass was clean. E I mean, I mean, seriously, honestly, if we're going to talk about this being the actual apocalypse and this is the end of structured society, toilet paper is what you're going for, folks? 

Graham :   12:50
I don't get it, but  But that, on the other hand, has given us a lot of good memes. E I follow As you guys know, I'm I'm Haitian, So I follow a lot of Facebook pages that are Haitian oriented. The other one was a girl who tweeted that her uncle called her from Haiti Say, do you need me to come in to rescue you from this shit hole country? I thought that was gold. All right, so Jocelyn, who's next and what is next?

Jocelyn:   13:27
Um, let's see. This is one that I've never heard of. It's called

Graham :   13:31
the flu. What? Theo WENN did not wanna come

Jocelyn:   13:34
up. It's, um, in the South Korean film, a severely deadly strain of the virus h five n one starts tearing through the city of Bun Dang killing Those who contract it within 36 hours population of nearly one million are suddenly in danger of being wiped out en masse available on iTunes or Prime.

Graham :   13:54
Oh, that might be one of those that you have to pay for it. Maybe

Jocelyn:   14:00
it's a mile. Yeah, that's sure if it's on on products

Graham :   14:03
will be available with prime membership. Also, Prime has a lot of paid for stuff. So

Jocelyn:   14:10
that's true. They do

Graham :   14:11
Yeah, but hey, I mean again, if you have stuck at home and you have to watch something, you know, I might as well pay $3.50 for a standard definition and watching me, and I mean yeah,

Jocelyn:   14:24
because I mean, you know, you know, you're gonna if your Starbucks person you're not going out to get you your regular Starbucks. So you because you're quarantined, you're not supposed to be going out. So if you are tisk, tisk bad on you, you're not doing the right thing. So So, yeah, So there's your your Starbucks for the day is ah, is ah, foreign movie. And that that sounds interesting because

Graham :   14:46
we just had H1N1 woes. It was 2010 was believed that way. We have each one and one.

Jocelyn:   14:52
Yeah, we should have a vaccine for that one,

Graham :   14:54
right? That's true, because I remember Obama got Obama way. Got it? Yeah, that's what everybody kind of chilled out.

Jocelyn:   15:01
Yeah, I went and got it.

Graham :   15:03
You did,

Jocelyn:   15:03
I did go get the job. I was that paid for us all to go get the H1N1 vaccine because they were concerned about all of us getting sick. Good job. Yeah, it hurt like a motherfucker. I have to say, You know, your arm is always sore after a vaccination. For whatever reason, that one hurt worse. It could have been psychological. It could have been psychosomatic. It probably was. But I don't know why. Because I really wasn't worried about each one and one. They just came to us. And we're like,

Graham :   15:33
Hey, do what you want to get you. So

Jocelyn:   15:36
and I was like, Yeah, sure, sure, Yeah. Like needles.

Graham :   15:40
You know what? The interesting thing is? The amount of fucking conspiracy theories that have, you know, risen in relation to to Covid 19.

Jocelyn:   15:53
Oh, yeah, like it was created and all the house. And, um, you know, it's a it's a Democratic yes. Um um, something or another to make the president look bad. And

Graham :   16:07
there's one. This is the last one I heard was it was Bill Gates.

Jocelyn:   16:12
Oh, yeah. That one too

Graham :   16:14
Bill Gates. Let's move on. E. I can't talk about dumb stuff like that without getting ***. So let's do it. So Jocelyn you are an old movie buff.  

Jocelyn:   16:29
I am.  

Graham :   16:30
So I wonder if you know about the next one.

Jocelyn:   16:33
I actually don't know about it, but I know all the people that are in it. When then I I kind of want to go home and watch this

Graham :   16:38
I knew it. I do it. But unfortunately for you, it falls on me to to actually talk about I don't know most of the people that they accept full Sophia Loren and Martin Sheen. Perhaps Burt Lancaster in Ava Gardner. So, yeah, I do know about these people. Yeah. Okay, so this movie is called the Cassandra Crossing, and it stars Sophia Loren, Martin Sheen, Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. So these four people are among the stars in this film is about a European train that he's attacked by Swedish terrorists. That sounds weird because I've never heard of Swedish terrorists.

Jocelyn:   17:22
Do they come with meatballs?  

Graham :   17:23
Do they... The attack of the Swedish meatballs?  

Jocelyn:   17:29
They come and make you assemble your  Furniture?  

Graham :   17:33
Yeah. IKEA,  Al Queda.  

Jocelyn:   17:36
Yes. Yes! 

Graham :   17:37
it makes sense.

Jocelyn:   17:38
It does, it makes perfect sense.

Graham :   17:39
A Swedish terrorist  organization. What it is makes you assemble your own damn thing. All right, so so okay,  By Swedish terrorists and infected with a deadly pathogen. The train is also speeding toward an unstable bridge., but No one on board is being allowed off. So this movie is available on Tubi  on YouTube or Google. Play and I have to say something about Tubi, Tubi is actually very good.  a very good  streaming system. The only thing is, it's for free. Ah, thing There is a paid version of it, but it is actually for free. And it has a lot of good ass movie of the good old movies, but they will f*ck you up, with commercial. It's one of those that you don't see the commercial's coming most of the time. Lag is just in the damn movie. Hey s Oh, yeah, the Cassandra Crossing Because its on Tubi, I'm probably going to watch it, even though, as I as you know, Jocelyn, I'm not big on old ass movies. But let's see what happens.  

Jocelyn:   18:51
Maybe it's not about our old ass. E o. Okay, Okay.

Graham :   19:11
What about what do you think? I can't wait todo All right.

Jocelyn:   19:22
Next. Oh, boy. Um, were generally not making fun of anybody who has corona over the cove in 19 or making light of the situation. It's just we're having a good time here, you know? I mean, honestly, there's nothing that any of us can do about it except wash our hands, be quarantined if we're supposed to be quarantined. Worst decided to self quarantine if we think we've been around somebody who was sick. So I mean, you know, do the right thing. But, you know, that doesn't mean you can't laugh. That is a serious thing. And people are going to die. But it, you know, at the same time, there is literally nothing we can do other than the responsible adult.

Graham :   20:01
Exactly. And of course, we wouldn't make fun of you for having covered 19. But if you have an old ass

Jocelyn:   20:06
Yeah, sorry, You're outta luck. I'm gonna make fun of that ass, E o. Next on the list is a movie called Infection. When a doctor's mistake leads to dire consequences for a patient, a strange illness starts afflicting the medical staff who helped cover it up. This Japanese movie is a bit more outlandish with this deaths with the infected liquefied into green goop. But it's important to have a global perspective on outbreaks and then that that makes sense to me, you know, to have some foreign, the foreign movie and the the non English language movie and the worldwide view because, you know, as Americans are stocking toilet paper. But What are the Japanese stocking?

Graham :   20:54
Yeah, I wonder what?

Jocelyn:   20:57
Probably They're being smart. And they're doing sake or something like that. I mean, if I was going to hoard something that would be alcohol uncle, but because, I mean, you can use that to sanitize. You can use that to wash. That is true. You can use it for wounds, and you can just drunk off your old ass.  

Graham :   21:14
You know, by the way, I remember this week I actually saw a tweet by Jeffrey by your husband... picture of a Tequila bottle and he is like, wife says she's ready to quarantine and, uh, I think is good.  

Jocelyn:   21:28
Yes, Yes. Site. I needed some tequila. You know, I just need to get some vodka.

Graham :   21:34
Oh...Damn!  Party at Jocelyn! uh all right, So the next movie we're going to talk about was clearly written by Captain Obvious E. I can't believe that somebody you know what? I should make a movie about a virus,  

Jocelyn:   22:00
But what should we name it? Graham.

Graham :   22:01
Watch. Yeah, um, I got it....Virus!

Jocelyn:   22:10

Graham :   22:11
thing. So you guessed it. The movie we're going to talk about next is called Virus. And he says this Indian film is based on the true event surrounding the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala and the local communities mobilization effort to stop the spread and this movie is available on Prime, I would probably have called it have named him Outbreak in Kerala or Outbreak. You know, all the Nipah virus or I don't know. Yeah, maybe I'm being more obvious than than the obviety of this, but I don't know, but virus virus there's more from 2019. So let's continue with the obvious titles, and shit, that seems to be the thing right here,  

Jocelyn:   23:12
does what it says on the tin. So next we have something called the Bay. If you're a sucker for found footage, try this movie about a quaint little town that turns into a breeding ground for a waterborne organism that takes control of the minds and bodies of its hosts. While not the best film ever created, there's something especially convincing about the recovered footage that will truly kick you into trick you into believing you just watch the town burn itself down with madness.

Graham :   23:38
And it's called the bay

Jocelyn:   23:40
the bay because they got it from the bay. It's available on Hulu. Now, I actually remember. I've had not seen this movie, but ah, this'll This movie was filmed not very far from where I grew up. Really? Yeah, it's It's about the Chesapeake Bay. The body of water that's close to Maryland. So, um, you know the baby, the baby there, there. One could argue it wouldn't be much of a loss, but anyone? Yeah, I remember when this came out, because the there was, I saw the trailer for it and there was some of the found quote unquote found footage was in the trailer, and I was like, I recognize that.

Graham :   24:26
Let me ask you this does Is it, like, bad on the level of Sharknado?

Jocelyn:   24:32
I think it's pretty damn close your date from the trailer. From what I remember from the trailer, it's been a while. But from what I remember, it's it's pretty damn close, too. Sure. Yeah.

Graham :   24:42
That's the 1st 1 I'm going to watch. Yeah. Yeah. Certain

Jocelyn:   24:46
Sharknado is a good one. The rift tracks version of Sharknado is great too.

Graham :   24:49
no. I'm going for the Bay.

Jocelyn:   24:51
 Oh, you're going for The Bay?

Graham :   24:52
Yes, you damn straight. I'm one for The Bay. I love me some ridiculous movie.

Jocelyn:   24:58
Yeah, it's It's if I haven't watched it. But if if I remembering the trailer correctly, I I was like, Wow!

Graham :   25:07
e when all you can say is wow you go because there's so many shit you could say to show surprise and dumbfounded ness. Yeah, but wow is actually the ultimate resource in terms of Yeah, I was kind of your move.

Jocelyn:   25:28
Wow, it's kind of pure.

Graham :   25:30
I can't say anything else except Wow. Yeah, you have outdone yourself You're doing yourself mo'focka!  All right, then. So The Bay it is for me tonight and we continue moving on to the next It is deranged. And it says the parasite in the South Korean film drives the infected to drown themselves. And when one Man's family's infected, he has to do what he can to try and find a cure. As the condition spreads across the nation and the government sends the afflicted into quarantine, this movie is available on iTunes and YouTube. I wonder. Is it talking about YouTube TV on just YouTube?  

Jocelyn:   26:19
I don't know  

Jocelyn:   26:20
Cause like, if it's on YouTube, all right. I can't see anybody paying for it. all night.

Jocelyn:   26:25
Yeah, I can't either.  

Graham :   26:27
Well, whatever.  

Jocelyn:   26:28

Graham :   26:29

Graham :   26:30
that's some. That's kind of interesting because there is a parasite that well, get in animals and insects, and it does drive him to drive to drown themselves.  

Graham :   26:43
Is that so?  

Jocelyn:   26:43
Yeah, so I can get into water and have it's chill. It's, you know, pro Creator in the in the water, so that when something comes along and drinks the water than it can then infects the new host.

Graham :   26:57
It reminds me then, of a biblical event that has always. Scientists have always explained it as one of these situations where where a bunch of pig's got, you know, some sort of virus that led them to go into the water and drowned themselves. But the Bible explains that Jesus, took demons off a person and transposed it into the pigs, which is what led them into the water to drown himself in. So that brings me reminds me, reminds me of that. So it's good that you mention that

Jocelyn:   27:40
Yeah, yeah, so that's there is I can't remember the name of the parasite, but I've actually seen videos of it. It's it's horrifying.  

Graham :   27:49
Laaawd !

Jocelyn:   27:50
Yeah, is No, don't want to. Yeah, Now, don't Don't YouTube it. Don't go. Don't you know, don't you? Sure. It's creepy. Okay, It splits their head. Open ticket into the water. Oh, no. After it drowns them. No. Yeah.

Graham :   28:07
No. Okay. No, I wish you didn't even tell whatever, dude,

Jocelyn:   28:12
I needed to convince you to not do it.

Jocelyn:   28:14
 all you have to say is Graham Don't, but nooooo. All right, Jojo. Who's next?

Jocelyn:   28:22
you're next. Now I'm next. Oh, you have extreme Next your next time. Next. Yeah. Carriers Chris Pine, Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp star in this movie about a group of friends trying to outrun a pandemic who realized on their journey that the evils of man are just as threatening as any virus. And this is available on Netflix.

Graham :   28:43
So this is if you would sort of, like, taking the shape of a little bit off one of those conspiracy theories, right? Like yours was created by man and she alright, but it's available on Netflix. So if you want to next fleet netflix and chill while your chilling in quarantine doesn't

Jocelyn:   29:08
make sure the other person's quarantined too. Yeah,

Graham :   29:11
by the way, about the quarantine. Do you know How many babies in the next nine months you think are gonna be named Corona? Vironta,  Covidian,  Eileen Veronica You're wrong, man. Why did your Veron ta was

Jocelyn:   29:40
Wait, When were you born? Oh, you're one of those babies

Graham :   29:45
And the baby's name is virally. I'm sorry. What now? Virally  enough with the clowning around so the next one is called The Last Days. Here's another novel Contagion Take an affliction called The Panic has swept across humanity causing people to become so severely agoraphobic that they actually die if they're forced outside.  Our hero Mark has been trapped in an office building but sets out to find his girlfriend and has to do so without ever actually setting foot beyond shelter.  That movie is available on Hulu.

Jocelyn:   30:29
 That sounds kind of interesting. T

Graham :   30:31
hat is mad. Interesting.

Jocelyn:   30:33
It makes me think of you. And and I don't know if you ever play this when you were a kid, but the floor is lava. When you had to, you had to navigate the house by only stepping on furniture or or not stepping on the rug. Like if you had a rug and like the rest of your floors one, all the others have

Graham :   30:49
you explain it. I can. I can certainly tell you that. Only literal American You get to play that shit. You know you don't You don't get to jump on. furniture that are cleaned by my mama. No.

Jocelyn:   31:07
Okay, so it makes me think of that because, you know, he's not allowed to leave shelter. So we kind of like

Graham :   31:13
it More or less would be like the flora is her love. And I will whoop your  

Jocelyn:   31:17
Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.  

Graham :   31:19
But, like, yeah, agoraphobia as well. Always been one of the one off my favorite phobias to observe and study. And, uh, it's, you know, it's a fascination to me. The notion that somebody is mad scared of just walking out. I mean, you I I think main reason we're podcasters, because way are a lot of people don't believe in what I'm saying. This but I'm like mad introvert and, while, I can function on stage while I can. You know, I don't have a fear of public speaking while I can interact while I'm in in public. But my introvert shelf is is asking When's this fucking thing over? I need to I need to get out of here, and I don't wanna be more among people s O. These agoraphobia is is just like that on steroid in that you don't want to even be outside. Yeah, it's just don't you just afraid of stepping foot outside of your door Yeah, and that has always been a fascinating thing. I, uh I hope I never get there, but there are days that I really don't.

Jocelyn:   32:46
You know, I, uh it's, uh I think I I think we're quite similar in that. And then I'm I'm definitely an introvert and to find, Although I'm not afraid of public speaking either, or being crowds can bother me. But, um, I don't find that energizing. Whereas some people do find that very energizing for me, it's very draining. Yes. So, like you, my been looking forward to whenever I get to go back to my little Heidi hole and be comfortable and, you know, not have to worry about about, you know, casting this, this image of being a sane human being, but, um yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, but ah, I think that yeah, I have definitely had the days to where, uh, it's like, No, I'm not I'm not going out there because I might see a person. It's not so much the being outside it, See, I might see a person or a person might seem Hey,

Graham :   33:42
and then why would you want to talk to me like, What's the point? I really look like I want to say hi, yeah, How's your day going like and it's not is Really. We feel we're better than anybody you know,

Jocelyn:   33:57
or that I even wish the person even any will will in the slightest No, I just It's just I I can't I don't have the energy. I don't have the life source to give that to you right now. And the fact that you know, it's just what it that's what it is to be an introvert. It is you just sometimes you just can't people.

Graham :   34:17
It is draining, you know, like I know that one of the main reasons that I always park my car in the garage is so that when I get out of my car, the neighbour doesn't feel like he has to say hi and exactly they're lovely people across the street next to me, but I wish they could read me enough to know that they don't have to say is OK, they don't say hi. It's certainly fine if they don't ask me as your day going because I don't want I don't see the point of it what we've talked about ourselves enough.

Jocelyn:   35:05
There is one more thing they just say there is, Ah, what looks like It could be a really good movie coming out that you might be interested in with Amy Adams about Agora phobia. Really? Yes, it's It's It's It's Citizen is a thriller, Um, but it's it's really about Agora phobia, and I've read the book and I'm interested to see the movie. Um, I think it's called The Lady in the window with a woman in the window.

Graham :   35:30
Oh, that sounds fantastic,

Jocelyn:   35:31
but it is. I mean, it's it's really about Agora phobia.

Graham :   35:35
Have it? I don't go to your knowing I don't go to the movies, the movie theater, no book

Jocelyn:   35:41
that ability, it'll be streamed

Graham :   35:42
isn't enough. Yeah, this would be one of those that I might wanna go through it because most likely I'll be by myself in the movie theater to be in with the dope. I like Amy Adams to Amy Adams is? No.

Jocelyn:   35:52
You know, this is a really good actress.

Graham :   35:54
See it? It seemed more than I'd Yeah. Yeah. So what else do we have? Jocelyn,

Jocelyn:   36:01
Let's see here. I'm not quite sure ... ah wait. Um, I'm not quite sure how to pronounce this, but I'm gonna go with my best shot Ponty pool. Sounds like I'm saying panty pool street full of pull if I have been talking about old ass is in toilet paper, not a pool of panties. Um, the strength of Ponty pool. Now one of the giggles. Every time it is, it's limited scope. While humanity is being brought to its knees by a rapidly spreading infection. We only experience the crisis through the perspective of an Ontario radio disc jockey who is receiving sporadic reports of the mayhem outside. This is available on iTunes and shudder. I'm not familiar with shudder.

Graham :   36:54
I'm not familiar with shudder either, and it was supposed to be experts at streaming, so I have to I have to do my

Jocelyn:   37:02
We're gonna have to do research. And it sounds like it's something to do with, like,

Graham :   37:07
one of those popcorn streaming platforms.

Jocelyn:   37:10
Yeah, with, like, maybe just horror movies in that kind of thing.

Graham :   37:13
So we'll find out, eh? So? Well, we'll do it. Three more resync and then we call it a. That sounds. So the next one for me is 28 days later. Writer and director Danny Boyle. By the way, Danny Boyle is, Dude that directed Slumdog Millionaire, right and director Danny Boyle changed the zombie genre forever with 28 days later, in which a handful of survivors come together a month after mysterious virus has decimated the U. K. And try to survive long enough to be rescued. So Danny Boyle involved. I see this is insanely watchable. I would watch it, but I would have to be quarantined, so I'm no quarantine yet. So I am gonna watch this one for now, and this one is available on Hulu Yeah,

Jocelyn:   38:10
sounds good. So next we have Dawn of the Dead from 1978. Um, you could watch a lot of of the dead movies, but we recommend Romero's sequel to his formative zombie classic. The Contagion has gone beyond the farmhouse of the first film film, and it's taking over the entire United States. The story focuses on the small group of survivors who make their way to a mall together. And it's one of the best movies ever made about the deleterious effects of an unstoppable pandemic in its early stages.

Graham :   38:41
Okay, so we said we're going to do three more, and this is the last one there, All right, I think everybody's familiar with this. If you haven't, I think it's one of those that you can watch over and over again called World War  Zed or World War Z. Brad, Pitt and Mireille  Enos Star in these epic contagion movie that features maybe the largest mass of sprinting zombies ever put on screen. Pitt plays a former United Nations investigator who agrees to make his way through the infected landscaped to find the source of the outbreak and hopefully a cure before everyone falls to the pandemic. And that one is available on Hulu

Jocelyn:   39:30
that one. I have seen, and I read the book, too, and the book is nothing like the movie.

Graham :   39:37
So which one is better than me? Let me guess

Jocelyn:   39:39
well, you can't compare them because they're completely different. The only thing they share is the name

Graham :   39:45
Oh wow.

Jocelyn:   39:46
So I I mean genuinely, they're they're they're they're completely different. So I enjoyed the book very much, and I enjoyed the movie, too. So I

Graham :   39:55
have to tell you, this would not have seen that one. But it's no movie that I would have chosen to watch because, like I said, I'm Haitian and zombies are a thing like zombie literally. You know, the whole idea of zombie that has been exploited for almost 90 years in Hollywood surfaced in Haiti, right? And so none of what you see on screen has anything to do with zombification over the or the notion of Zombie. So I'm no, a big fan of that. Having said that, I did see World War Z  because I was in an airplane 

Graham :   40:35
Oh, so yeah,  

Jocelyn:   40:41
I will say that the tone of the movie, if I'm remembering correctly with a little odd, like every so often something would happen And it would be like Was I supposed to laugh at that? Like I Not that you know, uh, a thriller can't have funny moments or whatever, but it was kind of like it that would suddenly make a dad joke in the middle of somebody dying. You move here you okay? Do you

Graham :   41:05
have the virus movie? Like one of those too soon, dude. Yeah, Yeah. Oh, just do my back. So, yeah, I mean, of course, if you have nowhere to go and it's one of those movies that you can watch over and over a game cause it is good but it's slightly ridiculous. And for me, every zombie movie, every zombie, whatever Don't buy made by Hollywood is ridiculous because it totally fantasize the the theory of zombie education end. It's laughable in truly what we Haitians know  of zombies and is fucking terrifying. So, yeah, for me, there's a lot of humor in it, not because it's funny, but is because look at this bullshit, you know? But they haven't. So we've come up There's farm any more movies in that. And in fact, if you go on vulture to come for these articles, 58 movies. But of course, we couldn't cram them all in 45 minutes off the show, so we're gonna leave it at that. All right? Yeah. Hopefully you don't find yourself in a situation where you have to watch all of these movies. Meaning we sincerely hope that it doesn't get to you being quarantined. That's that's it for the truth. Yes. And before we go, we want to let you know, of course, if you're listening to us for the first time, we're all over social media kicking his doing podcasts, instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. And, uh, I think that's everything.

Jocelyn:   42:58
Yeah, I think so

Graham :   42:59
are our website is kicking in human podcast dot com aimed. You can find Jocelyn on instagram as Jocelynpodcast. And of course me, I am Mrpuzzeta it's M r p u z z e t t a. So take care of yourselves. Wash your

Jocelyn:   43:20
hands, wash your hands right, 12 seconds at least

Graham :   43:23
20 seconds. And by the way, if you go on her instagram page  Kickin' & Streamin'  underscore podcast we posted at list off nineties and in 2000 songs that you can substitute for Happy Birthday. It is instead of singing Happy Birthday when washing your hands so that it doesn't get boring. Yeah, s o, this is a Well did you pick one day? Is there one particular that you like?

Jocelyn:   43:49
Um, I like the spice girls. See, that's when you can bust out at the top of your lungs and work. And everybody could be like the fuck is going on in there. Yeah,

Graham :   44:05
yeah, I did one of those at wor, but it was your queen to be from from coming to America. I completely forgot that I was at work and she's you Thio be in. When I was came out, everybody was. But anyway, folks will live at these and, uh, wills you next week. Yes, we'll talk Thio, be safe. Wash my damn hands. Lets you have a good one bag, but