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April 28, 2020
Ep. 60.- Co-hosting While Social Distancing

On this week's episode, Graham & Jocelyn have a candid conversation about their daily lives after over six weeks without being able to record their podcast in studio. Jocelyn & Graham opted to record the episode over a Zoom m...

On this week's episode, Graham & Jocelyn have a candid conversation about their daily lives after over six weeks without being able to record their podcast in studio. Jocelyn & Graham opted to record the episode over a Zoom meeting instead of their preferred remote recording method Skype, just so they could check up on each other and make the conversation more personal. The two co-hosts reflected on the complications of Covid-19 and its life-altering effects in the ways we communicate and interact. They also updated each other on what they're reading, watching, and doing to cope with shelter in place ordinance in their home city of Charlotte. Jocelyn tells Graham of the most recent book she read, entitled Florida; Graham tells Jocelyn of some British game shows he's been binge-watching and his discovery of the series Lucifer; which was recently acquired by Netflix. If you like this episode, please rate us on your podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on social media on Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also support the show by becoming a Patron on our Patreon page where you'll become eligible for our exclusive patrons-only contents. Finally, we'd like you to visit our merchandise store on Teespring where you can purchase our beautiful and stylish t-shirts, pullover, and mug. 


Announcer:   0:02
This is kicking and streaming podcast of binge watchers guides to streaming movies, TV series on stuff. Here are your hosts Graham and Jocelyn.  

Graham:   0:16
Usually on Skype we only use audio because the hope is that way do one show per Skype. At least we're gonna be doing three shows together in the same studio  way when possible we try to meet as much as possible.  

Jocelyn:   0:35

Graham:   0:35
except that no is on for seeing the situation.  

Jocelyn:   0:41

Graham:   0:43
yeah. Completely unprecedented. And so now we in What is it? Covid era Podcasting is, uh yeah, it's an amazing thing.

Jocelyn:   0:59
I wonder what this generation that's being born gonna be born out of all of us is gonna be called like, Are they going to be the Corona kids? And so they gonna be the Covidien ins. What? Thinking today?

Graham:   1:11
It's definitely gonna have something to do with that, but then on the other hand, I don't know that there was a Spanish flu generation,  so

Jocelyn:   1:18
I think it killed everybodyI think it killed everybody

Graham:   1:24
that is true. You are absolutely right. Maybe there isn't one because it fucking killed. Everybody,

Jocelyn:   1:31
I think, in World War One didn't kill you. You came home and got killed by the Spanish flu. So

Graham:   1:37
it is. Yo, what fate. What a fate is it? The I was listening to one off my a new friends from podfest's podcast this week.  I was listening to Carry on Friends. I think I You may have seen that I did a little repost from on our instagram page. And one of the things I remember the ladies talking about was how now instead, off a d and B C way talk about BC's before Covid? We no longer have a Christian era I read before Covic after closing after that is that could well be the way will be referring to this epoch in our life. Busy? Yeah.

Jocelyn:   2:40
I don't know what a return to quote unquote "Normal" is gonna look like

Graham:   2:45
Yeah, that's that's one thing. I If we go back to normal, that means we've learned nothing from this, have we? 

Jocelyn:   2:52
Exactly. So? So we're gonna come back to normal

Graham:   2:58
you have very little faith in this whole thing

Jocelyn:   3:02
I have no faith in humanity.

Graham:   3:08
Uh, a right. You You can only hope, but I'm with you. I'm with you. I think one of the things that became a thing during the Spanish flu was people started to adhere to what was new hygiene practices. Right? the whole idea of. Yeah, you should wash your hands after you come out of the commode. That was That was, like, literally a new thing to most people, right? And this was anything off educated people versus non educated people, you know? And so the idea of whether you or know you have running water, you should at least take one shower a day, you know, and the whole thing of, like every seven days, take a bath. You know? 

Jocelyn:   4:02
Sunday night, , everybody gets in the same tub and just the smallest to the last one gets filthiest water.

Graham:   4:08
Amazing. Amazing. Great. But the idea is we kind of got fancier with all of this. But we never, we didn't kind of evolve with it, did we? like, you know, some things get better, but as a species we still find ourselves doing practices that that gets us to have pandemics like this because it's cooking. This things happened because we f'd up didn't w know. So

Jocelyn:   4:40
I was I was reading an article. It was about San Francisco during the Spanish pandemics, the Spanish flu. And there was a group in San Francisco in 1918 that marched for the rights to not wear masks, and they started a whole one something like Americans against Masks Society or something like  

Graham:   5:02
You're kidding me? 

Jocelyn:   5:03
No it was 1918, so It's been well documented and they it's like it's eerie how much history repeating itself? But But the interesting thing is, so they were very much against masking because that was something that towards the end of the Spanish flu, they were realizing that was would help, you know, t to keep the spread of germs down masking, would these people were very much against it. San Francisco ended up with one of the highest death rates in the country.

Graham:   5:36
And perhaps we see this whole thing happening again because I think one of our biggest problem is the fact that we don't keep up with history. Do we?

Jocelyn:   5:45
No. Especially. And I mean, obviously I can't speak to other but countries, but I don't think American history is I think American history classes are pretty lacking. So I mean, you know, if this was far enough away that you can really talk to somebody, that lived in the Spanish flu. Like nobody has a grand parent to... they could say, Oh, you know, I lived through and I remembered it.  like my my grandparents on my mom's side and my father's side were definitely old enough, you know? But I started going to result to talk to him about it, you know, like,

Graham:   6:21
yeah, the and the crazy thing is that again, going back on how things how history is repeating itself is that there was a concerted that effort back in 1918 to to sort of not talk about the Spanish flu, right? Like because World War I was more important and you couldn't talk about a pandemic when you were fighting a war. Because that wouldn't be good for morale. Right? And it is. So what ended up happening? Is that freaking half the world die more of the goddamn pandemic than the war in itself, right? Nothing. The same thing is happening here, except that you know, a lot of other countries wised up and said, you know, we're gonna take measures and we're gonna do our thing, and then there were able to stop it. But then now I think we'll reach a 1,000,000 by next week in the United States.

Jocelyn:   7:27
Yeah. Yeah, and the testing isn't you know, like you said, the idea of getting information out there. I mean, that's tantamount is getting testing and get everybody s. So you know who has it and who doesn't have it. And that's just not happening. And then you have countries like China where you can't trust the numbers, but at all, as I could, just didn't either. Who either Who are the CDC removed China's numbers because they said there so unreliable. There's not a count them it all?

Graham:   8:01
Yes, they're not taking any information because both in China and in in Russia, you having a catastrophic number of pneumonia reported. Yeah. Yes. So that's what we're gonna go with. Ah, it's amazing. But yeah, like in the United States, 326 million people, more or less. And we've only had what four million people tested. Yeah, so, yeah, sure way. We're nearing a 1,000,000 people with the disease, but that's based on what we have tested s So what's the real number? Who knows, right?

Jocelyn:   8:53
Yeah, And then you have the scary thing too where it's, you know, the states in the country, and everything wants to open back up. But you have the scary thing of of young people who've had this or suddenly having more strokes and they don't know why. There's no guarantee that the people who have had it arm you, they haven't been able to prove that yet The people who have already had it have developed an immunity for it. From what I understand from the WHO and from the CDC, they have not been able to definitively prove that having this means fewer.

Graham:   9:25
It was more people that have a had it getting a second round of it. So

Jocelyn:   9:30
yeah, and I said, I mean,

Graham:   9:32
it's impossible to know whether it's a different strain or whether it's the same goddamn thing. So it's It's so. But you know what? Forget about this. Will tell me, How have you been?

Jocelyn:   9:46
Let's see... I haven't drunk any bleach. Haven't drank any fabuloso. So I have plenty of Tide Pods, but I'm not tempted to eat that E. I'm doing well, I think.

Graham:   9:57
But, can I tell you something about fabuloso, though, is that they have to stop putting such enticing colors. Oh, God. Many lists of

Jocelyn:   10:06
looks delicious!

Graham:   10:07
 yes, I was tempted after he said that shit, I know it's wrong, but I'm tempted, you know? Never. And I think those something would type up and is that they're pretty. So one thing I know you've been doing is a lot of reading. What, what you've been reading, lately.

Jocelyn:   10:31
Let's see. Should I should prepare a list better whenever Bad God so uh... There's an author I really like. Your name is, um, Lauren Graph and I first read a book of hers. It's probably 20 years ago, now called The Monsters of Templeton, and it was her first book, and I was blown away by this novel. So I have gotten behind with her. I I like to get I kind of like grab ahold of an author and we'll read everything that they've written so that I'm with her. So I just got I've gotten caught up to her most recent book. I believe it's the most recent book called Florida, which is very interesting. It's a bunch of essays about out Floridians and being a woman in this world and the current climate, if you will of this world. And, uh,

Graham:   11:25
is she the one who, by the way, started the hashtag because Florida,

Jocelyn:   11:32
I don't know it's possible

Graham:   11:35
something something something #becauseFlorida,

Jocelyn:   11:39
Florida, Florida man. Hey,

Graham:   11:43
that's you. I can tell you that I've not been reading it like because you're, um I'm one week here and one week at work, because that's, you know, because pandemic right? But, I've been telling you how much work I've been doing around like. I'm surprised at how voluntarily I do these things. I'm gonna notice stuff, man U

Jocelyn:   12:17
The last pictures I saw, everything looks great in the backyard, so,

Graham:   12:21
yeah, It's coming along pretty well.

Jocelyn:   12:24
That's the weather has been so beautiful. It's like the prettiest spring I've ever seen here.

Graham:   12:30
Isn't it though? Maybe somebody's really having fun with this.  You can't go out and enjoy it, but it's gonna be pretty!  crazy Crazy. But I've been also watching obviously a lot of I've been doing quite a bit of streaming. So what I have been watching. I've got me to All of these British game shows how for you like I mean game. So after games are like what's like 18 seasons of different game shows? And one of my favorites is: "Insert Name Here."

Jocelyn:   13:18
I haven't I watch

Graham:   13:20
It is also it's really great. So that's does being a new thing for me watching anything new

Jocelyn:   13:30
um, What did I watch most recently thinking.

Graham:   13:35
I'm watching. I started watching binge watching Lucifer.

Jocelyn:   13:39
Yes. What do you think of Lucifer? 

Graham:   13:41
Lucifer is dope!I like I like everything about it, and I think we'll probably will have to do a show about Lucifer.

Jocelyn:   13:53
It's It's a it's It's good. It really is. Your surprisingly good, I think, is the way to describe it. I really t don't be stupid. And I only started watching it as something to laugh at. And but

Graham:   14:10
then I The craziest thing for me is all of the philosophical connotations, both into in theological sense that no one probably never thought about from that perspective and also from a Freudian perspective. You know, I like you know, the idea that there's a mother, you know that all of these Oedipus, yeah, kind of theories floating out there it is. Absolutely. It's a deeper and more profound show then I expected it to be, and I'm really pleasantly surprised. Why didn't you tell me about the show before? Just

Jocelyn:   15:01
Yeah, totally silent about you, Paul dio.

Graham:   15:14
Yeah, but you it's been doped like, uh, I can't get enough of it. And I'm glad that Netflix picked up.

Jocelyn:   15:27
I've been like re-watching. Things like things have already watched as I think it's a comfort level, things like, Oh, I remember watching this and it made me feel good. So I'm gonna watch it. And I've been watching, like, really short saying so, Yeah, but okay, next week, you know

Graham:   15:43
what? I seriously, you right, though that's that's what I've been doing to, like, the other night, I ended up watching three movies, and next thing I knew it was 5 a.m.  Movies that I've seen right? If you right? Yeah, there's gotta be something about this. Reminds me of the time

Jocelyn:   16:06
right? Things were normal then, or I was happy that what

Graham:   16:10
you have, you find yourself re watching.

Jocelyn:   16:13
We'll see what I re-watched. I re-watched the rocketeer just like an old Disney movie that some limits on Disney Plus, it's like a it's from the nineties. I was wasn't and a crush on the main character at the Times Way. Oh, let's see what it also have been watching. It's mostly movies. It's been like a rewatch part of well, and this isn't a movie but a rewatched part is The Mandalorian. Oh, plus s. Oh, I don't know, just one of those things.  

Graham:   16:47
This is a good time for Jocelyn to actually catch up with the rest of the world by watching what angle and say anything. I'm not saying it. I'm just

Jocelyn:   16:57
Mrs. Maisel, The Crown. Yes, I'm just, you know. Oh,

Graham:   17:08
yeah. So the other night, I watched. "Now You see me 2" I mean, it was like Yes. Oh, there's one time, you know, is this what's another crappy movie on? And then I went to watch Creed 2,  it was like the number two movies of every franchise for me that night in after I was like, You know what? Let me go ahead and watch "A Few Good Men" because he and I realized actually that although I knew a lot about a few good men, what it was about and who was in it and everything, I don't remember ever watching the movie completely.

Jocelyn:   17:51
Ah, yes.

Graham:   17:54
But you know, I am happy to see you. I I underestimated the length of time that we would not be in studio together. And yeah, I just you know, I was thinking this week And when you posted the thing about the hair stuff and I'm like I haven't seen Jocelyn in a long time. E Yeah, you would hear. Yeah. So, uh, I'm like, STIs time. We have to have the camera. Yeah, and see each other in? No. Do I know we're talking, you know, text on a daily basis and doing the podcast will talk on the weekly basis, but bloody hell, I miss you.

Jocelyn:   18:53
I miss you, too. When this is all over. We're gonna have to have ah, come toe come to Jocelyn. Come to Graham.

Graham:   19:03
Hopefully, I mean, Well, if you can keep things under 10 we'll, you definitely have to have a Have something to drink and have some burgers. And yes. Good stuff. Yes. Wonderful. And, uh, that's probably the hope that will help us get through this whole thing, because I like like we said before, we're not gonna go back to normal way. Definitely ready to resume life as it were. Yeah. I'm

Jocelyn:   19:38
ready to see the people we care about. I'm ready to see the people I care about.

Graham:   19:42
Studios will be here, then one day we'll be here. Yes.

Jocelyn:   19:49
We shall meet again way

Graham:   19:50
sudden it again. It was good to see you. Good to have a chat. Yes. Just get me okay.