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Okay, there is a lot to say here. First, this is a great show. The quality is great, the hosts are great and energetic, but not overwhelming. Perfect balance on that front. Content wise? The level of depth they go into to provide you with some information on what is good and WHY it's good is astoun…

Love this show!

Warm, refreshing takes on current cinema and TV.

Love this podcast

Everything from tv shows, to movies, and interesting topics. The hosts are funny and interesting.

Totally different

Love this show, it’s funny , interesting and weird at the same time.

Amazing podcast

Great podcast! Must listen

Great show

This is the show we all need, breaking down the streams in which we all watch, love it!

Great host

Graham was an awesome host, Great time at the studio man, thanks for everything bro and for all the new ideas. Really enjoy the show bro keep it up. Big inspiration to continue on our podcast.

So Fun

Graham is just hilarious, his laughter is contagious. I also love Jocelyne. Their chemistry is fantastic and they have great banter. Although the topics are focused on streaming, the conversations and side tangents are my favorite part!!