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On this week's episode of Kickin & Streamin Podcast, Graham and Jocelyn discuss Amazon Prime Video series The Wheel of Time. Starring British actress Rosamund Pike, The Wheel of Time is a fantasy epic not unlike Game of Thrones, yet with elements drawn from eastern philosophy. Graham & Jocelyn began by admitting they were late joining the party of fans of the Wheel of Time as Prime Video had originally opted to release weekly episodes of the show; which didn't fit Graham & Jocelyn's binge-watching style. Jocelyn admits she is not a fan of "swords & sorcery" shows, but was pleasantly surprised after she started watching TWoT. Graham & Jocelyn dissected TWoT both from the perspective of its metaphysical allegories, its philosophical nuances, and of course cast's performance. Graham had high praise for Rosamund Pike's performance while Jocelyn highlighted Pike's ability to play "powerful women" while removing any sense of otherness from the character. Listen to this episode and please tell us your thoughts. A condensed version of this episode is also available to watch on our YouTube channel. Please don't forget to subscribe for future episodes. If you like this episode, please rate us on your preferred podcast player, and subscribe for future episodes. Follow us on social media on FaceboookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. You can also support the show by checking out our Buy Me a Coffee page where you can choose to give a one-time tip, or becoming a monthly contributor. Finally, we'd like you to visit our merchandise store on Teespring where you can purchase our beautiful and stylish t-shirts, pullover, and mug.

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